Talix18, Keeper of the ocean crashing on the shore, ...

... excessive magnetic poetry, and the Somebody Else's Problem field

Hrm....I am realizing this very instant that I've not given the proper amount of thought to the Guide's entry on me. I am also suffering cultural whiplash as it occurs to me that the outrageous device suggested by Douglas Adams (a portable guide to Everything?) can now be mine with the purchase of a PDA and a decent signal.

Name: Talix18
Keeper of...the ocean crashing on the shore, excessive magnetic poetry, and the Somebody Else's Problem field.
Born: 39 years ago (relative to the time and place from which I am currently writing) (year=one of Earth's trips around closest yellow sun)
Planet: Earth
Blood Type: O+
Life-form: Carbon-based, human
Original limbs: Four
Heads: One
Number of Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters consumed before loss of consciousness: I have been twelve years alcohol free; I suspect today a strong whiff of mouthwash could knock me out.
Turn-ons: Oceans, oxygen, lesbian/gay porn, hot fudge, soft sheets and firm pillows, the light of the yellow sun closest to Earth
Turn-offs: Drunks, arrogance, vomit, large groups of small loud children

Currently employed by an agency run by one of Earth's loudest governments with hopes of enjoying the security of a regular paycheck for the duration of her natural life, Tal is a reformed party girl who really just wants love, peace of mind, a connection with a power greater than herself, and 10% body fat. She's also a home owner as of March 2003, which has basically sent her right 'round the bend.

That said, I intend to familiarize myself with the doings around here before I submit entries for consideration. I am not well-traveled in the physical sense (having only visited about half of the northern hemisphere of this planet) but I feel that my emotional, psychological, and spiritual travels may provide valuable tips on exactly how not to do the first third of your natural life span. Thank you for your attention and don't forget to tip your servers.

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Member in Good Standing of P.U.D.D.I.N.G.
Owned by Bo, Member of the Cantankerous smiley - cats' Corner of P.U.D.D.I.N.G.

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"You're in a bad mood? Please. You don't even know what a bad mood is. You're the kind of person who drives by the sign that says *Bad Mood Bluffs. Stay the eff out* and says 'Ooooo - how liberating it would be to be able to tell someone how you really feel!' You come in, stop at the information center, and maybe even drive up and down a few streets before you visit the gift shop and go on your way. Talk to me when you move in."
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