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So what have we done? Two things.

The first thing we've done is re-organise the structure of the h2g2 Post. This will become a bit more evident in weeks to come as the layout starts to change. We're putting the articles into sections; initially we're going to have Current Affairs, Community and Entertainment. Along with a General Article Section1. This will let us smooth the process of getting the Post out to you all and increasing both the quantity and quality of the content, although it'll be hard to improve on the quality.

The second thing we've done is launch a new website. www.h2g2post.co.uk is our new office. We've had this coded, tested, recoded, tested again, the bugs taken out, more bugs put in, tested, the second lot of bugs taken out, and tested once more. And now we're proud to launch it.

So what is it?

We've centralised the way in which articles for the Post are contributed. From now on ALL articles for inclusion in the Post need to come through this site. We've made this really easy by putting in some fancy forms that allow you to send in articles direct to the editor responsible, without having to know who is responsible. This should make sure that no articles are lost or delayed, not that that happens very often, but just in case. It also means we get a back up of all articles submitted.

Talking of submitting articles, we've introduced a new concept to the Post, Deadlines. Sorry. Except for a few exceptions, mostly for the current affairs articles, the new Deadline for articles is Midnight Monday for inclusion in the following Wednesdays' edition. If you do happen to miss a deadline then the article can go in the next edition, unless of course it is a time sensitive piece, where exceptions can be made.

Another thing we've now got is a central contact point for the people responsible for the Post, so if you want to know who to moan/complain or whinge to, then that'll be me. If you want to compliment us, or offer to help in anyway, then the Contact page is right up your ally.

Now for the fun part...

Wanted, people with too much time on their hands!

Only joking. We're looking for volunteers, researchers willing to take on the role of heading one of our new, forthcoming sections. The job entails taking in the submitted articles and subbing them, similar to the h2g2 subbing process but more relaxed smiley - winkeye, and forwarding them to the editorial team. There's also the part of developing the sections.

In return you'll get access to the rest of the new Post Office site along with all regular writers, which includes an account in our funky new email system and an @h2g2post.co.uk email address to flaunt around h2g2 and the rest of the web. Oh, and the kudos that comes as standard.

If you're interested, email me at [email protected] for more details.


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