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A big hello from the Deputy Community Editor. Hope you are all well and happy! This is my view of what has been happening on h2g2 over the last week.

Last weekend but one saw not one, but two meet-ups! Scottish Meet-ups were larging it in Edinburgh. At the other end of the country, Researchers based in the South of England met in the lovely Berkshire town of Reading. From what I have heard about both events, a excellent time was had by all. smiley - cheers

My 5 Favourite Edited Entries

Here are my favourite new h2g2 entries from the last week:

  • Dwarf Throwing is a great example of an h2g2 entry. Informative, well written and funny to boot, if you only read one entry this week, make it this one!

  • Should the property market ever dip, I will have to consider Buying a House. As ever, h2g2 will be there to guide me!

  • If I was sent to a desert island and could take only one television programme with me, it would have to be Porridge mainly due to the comic genius of Ronnie Barker. If you haven't come across this gem of British comedy,
    read the article to find out more.

  • My colleague, Ashley, has been fulfilling his ambition to be a Blue Peter presenter with the entry How to make a Pingu from Fimo. Here is one he made earlier!

  • My knowledge of car maintenance is all but non-existent so thank goodness for the entry on How to change an oil filter. At least now I know how to do one thing!

Community Choice

Got a few minutes to spare in between checking your conversations? Why not check out the following Community activities:

  • With the World Cup just a few weeks away, there is still time to join the Virtual Supporters Club and take part in their Fantasy World Cup game!

  • There is a new addition to the World of h2g2, the h2g2 Hairdressers is the ideal place to relax and be pampered. Gossip with the staff or indulge in a head massage. Perfect.

Ask h2g2

Here are my favourite conversations from Ask

If you have any suggestions for items to be included in this column or to be featured in Abi's Activities, do let me know.


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