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Researchers have been creating all sorts of wonderful pages that, as the site gets bigger, are in danger of getting lost forever. Particularly vibrant and witty conversations, entries, user pages and collaborative efforts are taking place all over the site, but first you have to find them.

Community pages are now being categorised within World of h2g2. You can browse through the different areas of community activity, look in the town, or the high street to find somewhere interesting to chat. If you've started an interesting community area, or you find one during your travels through h2g2, please suggest it on this page, giving the page number, and we'll add it to the World of h2g2 categorisation system.. Thanks.

If you see anything that is particularly good fun: or you've created something that you would like others to contribute to; let me know by discussing it on this page. Any page that gets mentioned here should then, naturally, get more traffic, which is great!

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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