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For many years now, I have been writing things. However, in the past few days, I discovered that there were some people who liked to amas other people's writings and put them on H2G2. They are known as AGG/GAG/CAC.
However, after putting one of my stories up in a conversation, they suggested I make some into Guide Entries. So, I did. And, here they are, in alphabetical order, along with a little blurb about them. Share and enjoy!

The Works.

-1-: Fantasy: A man and woman attend a strange wedding.
Are We Anywhere Near It?: Fantasy: A man (with no name) goes on a strange adventure/quest. For a key to this story, please see: A Key to "Are We Any Where Near It?"
(Das Satchel): Fiction: My pen-ultimate master-piece. It is in a Finnegans Wake sort of manner. What more can be said?
D**n Dan: Fiction: A young boy encounters a drug-dealer. Co-written with two other persons.
The Delta-Pi Theory: Science-Fiction: 2 scientists discover the way to control energy and space.
The Death of Master Findore: Poem: An important person dies and what happens.
Friendship Revealed: Poem: Of Friendship.
L. W. A. T.: Fiction: A brother gets a house up in the Hamptons from his father; the other brother is jealous.
The Life Cycle: Poem: About the Five Phases of Life.
Puma: Fiction: My ante-pen-ultimate master-piece. I will include it, along with every thing else I write, into (Das Satchel). I was trying to completly mock Society and ALL that it stands for; I stopped realising that the world was not yet ready. Some was written on a typewriter and has yet to be transcribed.
My Version of the Minny Skit: Skit: A person is gunned down in a bar.
Myth: Fantasy: A man creates a country, saves it, then goes.
Of the Founding of the B*****d Patch: Fiction/Fantasy: A boy and his uncle "...step into..." the B*****d Patch.
Some People Have q: Science Fiction: A strange plant is created and many person don't know why. Told in a documentary sort of way.
Story: Fantasy: A Faramierä discovers some thing interesting one day in his mail slot and goes on a quest to find out what it is.
Story II: Fiction/Fantasy: A girl (yes, a girl!) is sniffed at by a strange animal and goes to a special hospital.
Story III: Fiction: A building is condemned. Havoc breaks out.
This Is the Story of: Fiction: Not developed enough.
Vignettes: Some true stories about my life.

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