Recent Anti-American Terrorism (an opinion)

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This was originaly written as an essay that it's general subject was a summary of the year 2001. Many subjects were presented in class and i chose Terrorism. This is my opinion, and you have the right to disagree with it, and I also hope noone will be offended from it. I would realyl like you to comment on it. thank you.

And another thing- this entry uses the word terrorism in general just for convinience. The terrorism discussed is the one at the title.

The year of 2001 can give us a pretty good point of view on what terrorism is.
Terrorism is a result of fanaticism. Therefore it is unlimited. This year, the world has come to realize it.
Until this year, people around the world saw terrorism only through the subjective eyes of the press. They knew that, in a small country called Israel, there are a few Arabic organizations, that are killing Jews and other people that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't think most of them even cared. Now, things are different. The world has been shocked. A terrorist organization has dared to act outside the borders of Israel, habitat of terrorism, and not only this, it started big.
Now they are like us. Victims of fanatics. They want revenge. The only difference is, they have the power to get it. And they use that power. They declared a war on terrorism. There is only one problem. Terrorism is based on fanatics. Fanatics don't care dying. As long as it's for the cause. These fanatics are lead by their religion. There will always be someone that the religion is important enough to him in order to become a fanatic.
How can one stop such a thing? I see no realistic solution. The Americans think they have found a solution- war. But in order to win such war, one must go to the root of fanaticism, which is the religion, or the people that follow it. Since you can't kill a religion, you must go to the people when you seek to kill fanaticism. But you can't kill all the people. It's against the principle of democracy. So we will say it's a war. A righteous war. But who says what righteous? For the other side, we are no more than fanatics.

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