A Conversation for Recent Anti-American Terrorism (an opinion)


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the Shee

This explains pretty well what I think, although ... Never mind. But it is *very* astute, I think. The only solution I see is to let everyone live their own lives... But that only works for the USA, because we are half a world away and don't deal with this every day. And somehow I get the feeling that even if *one* side is willing to let the other be itself, they both will not be willing.

It is a continuation of my belief that we (the US especially, but also including many other countries who are close to this point) should mind our own business and not try to be The World Leader, because we are a single country -- a single very rich country -- and thus cannot make judgements on others because we do not *know*.

They wanted our attention. They got it. But it isn't quite the form of attention that they wanted.

This entire situation (Islam vs West and by extension Palestine vs Israel) is the greatest problem-causer in the world today, and I see no real ways to fix it....

But thank you for being an astute person and putting this up on h2g2, where hopefully more people will read it and perhaps get a jolt and begin to think for themselves.......


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Fire Bat

Thank you very much.


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the Shee

You're quite welcome.........

I hadn't realised that you are less than a day old here... Instead of starting a new conversation, do you mind if I bother you here? smiley - winkeye

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Fire Bat

thank you again for the welcome... i don't play much cess or any instrument, but ill check out that Word Game thing, it sounds cool.


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the Shee

Well, I mean, do you like music? That's a good enough excuse as any... smiley - winkeye Especially if you like Queen, because Danny B (he runs the Musician's Guild) will love you forever if you love Queen.... smiley - winkeye


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Rik Bailey

I think your comment is a bit rash on the Arabs killing people. Before you judge them then maybe you should judge Isreal for the restrictions it has put on the palestinian people aswell. Religion is not bad if every one followed it properly. The problem lies with those who use Religion as a excuse for there own goals. Like Osama bin Laden, but there are also those who do not use religion as a excuse like Aerial Sharon.
Maybe if he had not distroyed there homes stopped there water etc they would not have to fight to live.


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