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Are there people who still believe in the myth about Al Qaeda

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The September, 11, 2001 was a sophisticated military action and despite the brain washing propaganda there are many people who are not convinced in the fairy tale about the "anti-American" terrorism.
By respect of the academical tradition I have to cite some American political scientists. Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski almost acknoledged that Al-Qaeda doesn't exist, saynig that no longer the myth about an "anonimous" ennemi coud stand out and the American administration of the President Bush has not an ideology of values. The American Profesor Larouche goes further and reveals that the military related secret services have carried out the explosions in order to start a war./www.larouchepub.com/
Me I "knew" this story in 1994/1995, when I was a M.Sci. student in a programme named "Dialogue of the civilizations" held by American profesors from Harvard, Yale and Northen Iowa. One of them was a colleague of Samuel Huntington and during the group discussions made us smile when he told that the several pages about the "clashes of the civilazionts", publishzed by Huntington in an American strategy revue, will become a best sellar.
This war for the oil resources in the Middle East is prepared since the middle eighties, before the collapse of the communist system. And the American military strategy services even had got in contacts with a couple of Anthropology scientists in order to find out the appropriate author to mediatize the planned "clash of the civilizations". My relations were between the "chosen" potential Islam "clashers", but prefered to rest the Antrhopology researchers. This is a simple procedure, the mediadization of a social myth precedes the secret services or the military operations. This was precisely the tool of the former KGB, making a noisy campaign against the dissidents prior to their detention. The tools of all the security institutions are the same. However the KGB would never make up so childish and clumsy myth about Al Qaeda, that nobody beleieves. They would have made a James Bond long saga, that even their ennemis might believed.
A strategy question, or maybe the Al- Qaeda myth is West oriented and takes in consideration only the psycology of the West people and their low anti-suggestive barreer. Because some other cultural backgrounds have a stronger anti-suggestive barreer and it's impossible to have them believe in this story. And also, the pictires of Ben laden are quite interesting. My American profesors showed a similar computar created physical type for "an islamist terrorist" with the explanation that in the West the phisical profiling is most important. It means that a physical type of an old or invalid fighter won't "pass" in the westbecause there is e physics contest.Even if this islamist fighter is real,no one in West whould read his mails or letters, or video types, "catched" by the CIA. To match the West stereotypes the "islamist terrorist" should be a male, about 40, having good physical profile. I can say, I saw Ben Laden like computer images even in 1995.
Not only the image is created but the speaches are also written by the the secret services. The American practice is that the CIA utilizes anthropologists as experts in the matters of the religion, differently from the KGB, where the experts are theologians. The CIA strategy is less appropriate, because the anthropologist always leave tangible mistakes about the theology. In the case with Al Qaeda, a simple content analysis reveals that their postings are not written by the theologians, even not by anthropologists having a good Islam litteracy, as the islamists are supposed to have. "A fine show" as once the American researchers have predicted it.


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Are there people who still believe in the myth about Al Qaeda

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