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Editorial - This week Spaceman Spiff is in the hotseat

Well, hello folks. It's my first time in charge (ie actually doing anything more constructive than saying, 'I liked this entry, what do you guys think?'. I don't have any world-shaking news or personal insights to fill this space with; it's more a question of coming to the relief of our glorious leader and philosopher king jay dubya eff.

Those who would seek power are too rarely fit to wield it.

Oh look! I think that was my profound editorial insight! If you blinked and missed it, don't bother back-tracking... you'd probly miss more in an average 60 seconds of daytime TV. smiley - biggrin

So, on that bombshell, I leave you with this week's selection of 'Getch yoowah eh-yass ahta Peer Review, buddy!'1
non-edited entries.

Sneaking Around the House and Evil G by Darth Zaphod

A pair of shorts from Darth Zaphod; Piano and forte, you might say. But which is which?

The Telos of Jellyfish by Utter Bewilderment

Well, who could resist a title like this? 'Not I!' said the little spaceman.

The Man with Three Names by... er... well... um... yours truly actually!

Shocking, shameless self-agrandisement! smiley - yikes

... 'sonly short though!

Hidden Gouger, Crouching Dentist by Sprant - The Stygian One

This weeks pièce de resistance - an evocative (oh yes, you will *feel* the pain!) personal piece that lingered in Peer Review for weeks before finally packing it's hanky and heading for the freer climes of the AWW. The title had me guessing for weeks as to what it could be all about before I finally invested the time in investigating. Better late than never, and if a good laugh counts as moral equity, a juicy return!

You can still find the fruit's of Subcommander Deidzoeb's labours at AGG/GAG Repository of Games for a Rainy Day.
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AGG/GAG Repository of Games for a Rainy Day

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We have been trying to assess the value of our weekly column and invite any regular AggGag readers to let us know what they think the future should hold for us in this thread . We welcome any and all feedback, from 'Don't bother guys' to 'please don't stop; I don't think I could face a world without AggGag!'.

Voilà. Your input is requested.


Yes, we will be back.

At least until we reach 42 Issues.

Meanwhile, we are still accepting contributions, donations, offerings and suggestions

The AGG/GAG/CAC School of Thought:

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~jwf~It's tough at the top!
tonsil revengeYou *know* when you've been Tonsiled!
Subcom DeidzoebViva Zaphodista!
Spaceman SpiffEr... that'd be me...
MartinSie just lurves those gender-free pronouns!
BosselNow if you don't know *this* guy, you've probably never been near a review forum *at all*!
often seen in hood'n'cloak carrying a long-handled agriculutural cutting implement.
HobbesNot been seen in these parts for many a moon.
ZaphodCentres around the peripheral things of life.
ThirdgirlTaking legal advice.
Catwoman No sourpuss.


AGG/GAG Repository of Games for a Rainy Day

AGG/GAG Repository of Games for a Rainy Day
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