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This Week:
The foundation of AggGag is our shared belief in freedom of expression.

The only criteria for an AggGag entry should be:
"Does it communicate... something?"
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If it was written by a human being to share with other human beings
- a feeling, a story, a theory, a joke, an idea, hope, love, laughter -

then it is our calling and our duty to present it to a wider audience,
and to preserve it in our legacy, the AggGag archives.

From a 15 year old living in Isreal

terrorism (an opinion) by Fire Bat

From another teen with less to worry about

Teenagers and cell phones by

Our newest member
recently honoured by the Ministry of Black for these dark investigations

The Many Colours of Black by Catwoman

"Come here often? What's your sign? What's a nice girl..?"

A close encounter of the shaving kind

The perils of being a healthcare worker and falling ill by eyethink_eyethink

Coming Soon
Deidzoeb is working on a comprehensive
AGG/GAG Games for a Rainy Day page
and promises original games, links to game areas on h2g2, role-playing or board games and
card games or word games. And, as a last resort, maybe computer games.
Stay tuned!
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We will once again stir the pot,
so look for us in the slightly embarrassed
h2g2 Post .

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Meanwhile, as always, we wait for any similarly perverse folk to
join us.
The AggGag School of Thought:
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