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Walt Whitman with friend.

This page contains the archives for

the h2g2 Literary Corner series by Dmitri Gheorgheni

Date Literary Gem
18.05.15Walt Whitman Refuses to Use the Internet
01.06.15The Locksley Hall Leaves the Solar System
08.06.15John Milton's Game of the Month Review - Satan Online
15.06.15William Blake, Internet Troll
22.06.15North America's First UFO Sighting
29.06.15Jules Verne's Blockade Runners: The Annotated First Chapter
06.07.15The Road Not Taken
13.07.15Maud Muller and the Road Not Taken
20.07.15 The Song of Wandering Aengus
27.07.15 The Dream of an Hour, by Kate Chopin
03.08.15 Bob the Mockingbird, by Sidney Lanier
10.08.15 What Game Are They Playing? – Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
17.08.15 Treachery (and Painful Dialogue) in Outer Space – A Tom Corbett (Space Cadet) Adventure
24.08.15 Croquet in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll
31.08.15 Spanish Fly
07.09.15 Ben Franklin Talks to Other Mad Scientists
14.09.15 Ben Franklin Explains the Calendar Shift
21.09.15 Ben Franklin, Swimmer
28.09.15 Ben Franklin, Sailor
05.10.15 Longfellow's Ballads, reviewed by Edgar Allen Poe
05.10.15 A Literary Supermoment
12.10.15 Edgar Allen Poe's Great Balloon Hoax
12.10.15 Caption Challenge: Drive-Through Estate Agent
19.10.15 Caption Challenge: Kitty Bake-Off
19.10.15 Edgar Allen Poe's 'Three Sundays in a Week'
26.10.15 Caption Challenge: Just Kidding Around
26.10.15 Edgar Allen Poe's 'Never Bet the Devil Your Head'
02.11.15 Caption Challenge: Public Spaces
02.11.15 O Henry's 'The Rose of Dixie'
09.11.15 Caption Challenge: Magritte-ing
09.11.15 O Henry's 'The Greater Coney'
16.11.15 Caption Challenge: Reaching into Space
16.11.15 O Henry's 'A Cosmopolite in a Café'
23.11.15 Caption Challenge: Red Square
23.11.15 O Henry's 'Sociology in Serge and Straw'
30.11.15 Caption Challenge: Exhibitions, Comrade
30.11.15 O Henry's 'Two Thanksgiving Gentlemen'
07.12.15 Socialist Carol of the Week: The Cherry Tree Carol
07.12.15 Caption Challenge: Festive
14.12.15 Socialist Carol of the Week: The Coventry Carol
14.12.15 Caption Challenge: Sleepy
21.12.15 Socialist Carol of the Week: The Wassail Song
21.12.15 Caption Challenge: Sugarplum Cops
28.12.15 Socialist Carol of the Week: What Child Is This?
28.12.15 Caption Challenge: Contemplative Kitty
04.01.16 Twa Dogs, by Robert Burns
04.01.16 Caption Challenge: Phone Box Puzzle
11.01.16 Address to the Deil, by Robert Burns
11.01.16 Caption Challenge: Kitten on the Keys
18.01.16 To a Louse, by Robert Burns
18.01.16 Caption Challenge: Peace, Love, and Cats
18.01.16 Old Joke Department: Snow on the Roof
25.01.16 For the Sake o' Somebody, by Robert Burns
25.01.16 Caption Challenge: Tattoo!
01.02.16 The Camp of Refuge, by Charlotte M Yonge
01.02.16 Caption Challenge: Cosy Snowman
08.02.16 Several Paragraphs in Which Nothing At All Happens, by Charlotte M Yonge
08.02.16 Caption Challenge: White Stuff
15.02.16 The Promise, by Charlotte M Yonge
15.02.16 Caption Challenge: More Cat Mayhem
22.02.16 St Ambrose's Choir, by Charlotte M Yonge
22.02.16 Caption Challenge: When You Really Need to Go
29.02.16 The Dove in the Eagle's Nest, by Charlotte M Yonge
29.02.16 Caption Challenge: Sit Quietly and Don't Fuss
07.03.16 The Rising of the Moon, by Lady Gregory
07.03.16 Caption Challenge: Jail!
14.03.16 Castle Rackrent, by Maria Edgeworth
14.03.16 Caption Challenge: Way Down Upon the Monongahela???
21.03.16 The King's Threshold Prologue, by WB Yeats
21.03.16 Caption Challenge: An Egg of a Different Colour
28.03.16 A Monk and His Pet Cat
28.03.16 Caption Challenge: Teddy and Co
04.04.16 A French Lady Comes to Visit
04.04.16 Caption Challenge: A Rare Treat
11.04.16 The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by EJ Ruppelt
11.04.16 Caption Challenge: At the Post Office
18.04.16 Descending the Riffelberg, by Mark Twain
18.04.16 Caption Challenge: Blinking at the World
25.04.16 Pioneer Etymologies
25.04.16 Caption Challenge: Sign Nostalgia
02.05.16 Caption Challenge: War Horse
02.05.16 The h2g2 Traveller: I Want to Hang My Bicycle
02.05.16 Merlin Gets Vamped into a Tree
09.05.16 The h2g2 Traveller: Pagans Dance in the May
09.05.16 The h2g2 Traveller: Suwannee, How I Love Ya...
09.05.16 A Very Secret Agent, by Mari Wolf
09.05.16 Caption Challenge: A Useful Warning
16.05.16 Caption Challenge: A Domed Puzzle
16.05.16 I Impersonate a Russian Prince and steal a treaty, by Horst von der Goltz
23.05.16 Caption Challenge: Towels Rule!
23.05.16 The Mysterious Man Who Asked for a Light
30.05.16 Caption Challenge: Pretty and Proud
30.05.16 Spies Die Hard! by Arnold Marmor
30.05.16 Book Review: 11/22/63 by Stephen King
06.06.16 Caption Challenge: Tractor Supplies
06.06.16 Excelsior
13.06.16 Caption Challenge: Nature Unnatural
13.06.16 Food in the Good Old Summertime
27.06.16 Caption Challenge: Looking Out at the World
27.06.16 A Honeymoon Experiment
04.07.16 Caption Challenge: An Awkward Moment in Nature
04.07.16 The Declaration of Independence
11.07.16 Caption Challenge: Curse You, Red Baron
11.07.16 Love, Victorian Style
18.07.16 Caption Challenge: Sending You a Tweet
18.07.16 Now Showing: Cardigan, the Movie
25.07.16 Caption Challenge: What Time Is It?
25.07.16 The Jupiter Weapon
01.08.16 Caption Challenge: Who Ya Gonna Call?
01.08.16 Conspiracy in Three Acts
08.08.16 Caption Challenge: Waiting His Turn
08.08.16 How to Think at Your Kids
15.08.16 Some Summer Days in Iowa
15.08.16 Caption Challenge: Hi, There
22.08.16 George Stephenson Invents the Railway
22.08.16 Caption Challenge: Making an Entrance
29.08.16 Joe Foss, Flying Marine
29.08.16 Caption Challenge: Gardening Anomaly
29.08.16 Farm Report: Outrage Meeting
29.08.16 Poets for Hire
29.08.16 Stormy Weather
05.09.16 Ben Franklin and George Whitefield
05.09.16 Caption Challenge: Absurdly Cheerful
12.09.16 Another Scifi Bargain
12.09.16 Caption Challenge: Rest in Pieces
19.09.16 What Made Teenagers Laugh in 1930
19.09.16 Caption Challenge: Sunflower Surprise
26.09.16 The Roots of Doowop: The Männerchor
26.09.16 Caption Challenge: Skywatching
03.10.16 The Ghost and the Lawsuit
03.10.16 Caption Challenge: Catwash
10.10.16 The Blazing World
10.10.16 Caption Challenge: Transport
17.10.16 Spiritism Ranted At
17.10.16 Caption Challenge: Octopus v Bus
24.10.16 What Did the Friar Recollect?
24.10.16 Caption Challenge: What Fresh Madness Is This?
31.10.16 An Expert View of Spirit Photography
31.10.16 Caption Challenge: What Fresh Madness Is This? Part II
07.11.16 The Only Page of Proust You'll Ever Need
07.11.16 Caption Challenge: More Dodgy Produce
14.11.16 The Unspeakable in Pursuit
14.11.16 Caption Challenge: Volya, Sitting Pretty
21.11.16 Game of Thrones, Northumbrian Edition
21.11.16 Caption Challenge: Another Cat Mystery
21.11.16  Gloomy Prognostication About Democracy
28.11.16 What Casanova Read in Jail
28.11.16 Caption Challenge: Riding the Dragon
05.12.16 Happy New Year, 1901
05.12.16 Caption Challenge: No Skateboarding
12.12.16 A Christmas Letter, by Stephen Leacock
12.12.16 Caption Challenge: Lullaby and Good Night
19.12.16 The Art of the Typo
19.12.16 Caption Challenge: Architectural Wonder
26.12.16 Why There Is Nothing to Read This Week
26.12.16 Caption Challenge: Open Year Round
02.01.17 Getting the Skinny on Andrew Jackson
02.01.17 Caption Challenge: Teddy Bear's Picnic
09.01.17 Prayer for the First Earth Battalion
09.01.17 Caption Challenge: Magritte Moment
16.01.17 In Bruges
16.01.17 Caption Challenge: Kitchen Incident
23.01.17 Space Flight as Reality TV
23.01.17 Caption Challenge: Mighty Like a Whale
30.01.17 Car Nuts in 1909
30.01.17 Caption Challenge: Short and Sweet
06.02.17 The Dairyman's Daughter
06.02.17 Caption Challenge: The Cat, Miracle of Nature
13.02.17 Sheep, by Foot
13.02.17 Caption Challenge: Peering into the Wilderness
20.02.17 How Cool Was Printing?
20.02.17 Caption Challenge: View from a Window
27.02.17 Henry Fielding on the Isle of Wight
06.03.17 Caption Challenge: Meet Officer 666
06.03.17 Conquering Puerto Rico, 1898
13.03.17 Caption Challenge: Pittsburgh Saves the Environment
13.03.17 Global Warming, 1874
20.03.17 Caption Challenge: Interplanetary Dictionary
20.03.17 Ben Bolt and Alice
27.03.17 Caption Challenge: High Flier
27.03.17 Proofs of Phrenology
03.04.17 Caption Challenge: Spooky Books
03.04.17 Never Bet the Devil Your Head (by EA Poe)
10.04.17 Caption Challenge: In the Land of the Artichokes
10.04.17 Boy Scout War on Banana Peels
17.04.17 Caption Challenge: Dinosaurs in the Garden
17.04.17 Educational Tofu
24.04.17 Caption Challenge: Teddy Roosevelt and Horse
24.04.17 The Devil in Bedford, PA
01.05.17 Caption Challenge: Up in the Air
01.05.17 French Novels, Not as Bad as French Cooking
01.05.17 Counting Your Chickens
08.05.17 Caption Challenge: Birdbrain Gossip
08.05.17 (Lost in) Chicago
15.05.17 Caption Challenge: Diver Dieter
15.05.17 Media Bias in the 1850s
15.05.17 My Hovercraft Is Still Full of Eels
22.05.17 Caption Challenge: What Sign O'Clock Is It?
22.05.17 A Letter to Abraham Lincoln from Hawaii
29.05.17 Caption Challenge: French Firefighting
29.05.17 Bird Hats Are Hate Crimes
05.06.17 Caption Challenge: Strolling Down History Lane
05.06.17 A Snob Abroad
05.06.17 Out-of-Print Book Review: Two Views of Internment
12.06.17 Past Projects
12.06.17 Caption Challenge: Improvise Something
19.06.17 A Prussian Abroad
19.06.17 Caption Challenge: Bunker Down
26.06.17 Davy Crockett Sets the Record Straight
26.06.17 Caption Challenge: The World Whizzing By
26.06.17 Pastoral
03.07.17 In the Good Old Bizarre Summertime
03.07.17 Caption Challenge: Something for Me?
10.07.17 Sea Dirge, by Lewis Carroll
10.07.17 Caption Challenge: Sound of Music
17.07.17 Eli Perkins' Pedometer
17.07.17 Caption Challenge: You Talkin' to Me?
24.07.17 Temperance Drinks for Summer
24.07.17 Caption Challenge: The Captain's Chair
31.07.17 Post Some Bills
31.07.17 Caption Challenge: Wild Horses
07.08.17 The Joys of Abroad
07.08.17 Caption Challenge: Oh, My Ears and Whiskers
07.08.17 Caption Challenge: Seal of Approval
14.08.17 Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee: The Original Mary Sue
14.08.17 Caption Challenge: I Took My Shirt to Kew
21.08.17 The Fallen Giant
21.08.17 Caption Challenge: What Boxes Are For
28.08.17 Dolls' Journey
28.08.17 Caption Challenge: On Exhibit
04.09.17 Go Figure
04.09.17 Caption Challenge: The Catsitter
11.09.17 Caption Challenge: Words Fail Us
18.09.17 George Washington and the Pittsburgh Insurgency
18.09.17 Caption Challenge: If Sunflowers Could Talk
25.09.17 Humour from 1920
25.09.17 Caption Challenge: Fluff's New House
02.10.17 The Eugene Field Myth
02.10.17 Caption Challenge: Pass the Remote
09.10.17 Prohibition, a Child's-Eye View
09.10.17 Caption Challenge: The Door Into Summer
16.10.17 The Little People of North America
16.10.17 Caption Challenge: Welsh Auto Challenge
23.10.17 Fiction Reading, the Streaming Video of 1919
23.10.17 Caption Challenge: What's the Buzz?
30.10.17 Frost on the Punkin
30.10.17 Caption Challenge: Boo!
30.10.17 Childe Roland: Updated and Illustrated
06.11.17 Caption Challenge: What Is It With Kew Gardens?
06.11.17 The Armless Knight
06.11.17 Telephoning for Kids, 1940s
13.11.17 Caption Challenge: Large and Hungry
13.11.17 Heliography
20.11.17 Caption Challenge: Where Do We Go from Here?
20.11.17 Courtship of Miles Standish in the Style of F Scott Fitzgerald
27.11.17 Caption Challenge: By the Numbers – Be Musical!
04.12.17 Underground Railroad Station
04.12.17 The Underground Railroad
04.12.17 Caption Challenge: Sign of the Times?
11.12.17 Wah-SAIL!
11.12.17 Caption Challenge: Music in Your Bones
18.12.17 Our House in (the Middle of) Our Street
18.12.17 Caption Challenge: Nyah, Nyah, Nyala
25.12.17 Caption Challenge: Deck the Garden
01.01.18 Caption Challenge: Show Some Backbone
08.01.18 When Tennessee Was a Frontier
08.01.18 Caption Challenge: Cozy
08.01.18 What They Thought of Wounded Knee
15.01.18 Caption Challenge: Fetch!
15.01.18 Britain, a Really Weird Island
22.01.18 Caption Challenge: More Useless Technology
22.01.18 Who Invented Knitting?
22.01.18 Phrase of the Week: Get the Ball Rolling
22.01.18 Titanic Meets Lifeboat
29.01.18 Caption Challenge: More Fun with Technology
29.01.18 More Mermaids
05.02.18 Caption Challenge: Another Advance in Animal Husbandry
05.02.18 The Sound of Soundlessness
05.02.18 Dreams of Editorial Glory
05.02.18 Why You Need Editors
12.02.18 Caption Challenge: Are You a Good Tracker?
12.02.18 Cannabis for the Führer
19.02.18 Caption Challenge: Wrapped Up in His Work
19.02.18 Peace Poetry in Wartime
26.02.18 Caption Challenge: It's Unreal, Man
26.02.18 Proof of the 'Knitting Craze'
26.02.18 The Evils of Peace
05.03.18 Caption Challenge: Gawker Delay
05.03.18 Regret
12.03.18 Caption Challenge: It Beats Bananas
12.03.18 Hind-Sights: A Look Back at Agricultural Scams
19.03.18 Caption Challenge: Someone Threw Bread on the Isle of Wight
19.03.18 Bores of the Past
26.03.18 Caption Challenge: Cheeky
26.03.18 Old New Ideas
26.03.18 Awkward Moments of the Past: Introducing Paul Fung
02.04.18 Caption Challenge: Startling Starling
02.04.18 New Hampshire as Locus Amoenus
09.04.18 Caption Challenge: Phoenix Over the Wirral
09.04.18 Gas Warfare
16.04.18 Caption Challenge: Ice Sculpture
16.04.18 The Common Comma
23.04.18 Caption Challenge: Fingers Crossed
23.04.18 Henry V Pitches Woo
30.04.18 Caption Challenge: Mysterious Markings
30.04.18 Learning from the Log Cabin Lady
07.05.18 Caption Challenge: No Feet, Please
07.05.18 Baron Trump and His Marvellous Adventures Underground
14.05.18 Caption Challenge: Your Guess is as Good as Ours
14.05.18 Up the Stream of Consciousness Without a Paddle
21.05.18 Caption Challenge: The Tree That Swallowed a Lion
21.05.18 History of the World for Kids - Semiramis
28.05.18 Caption Challenge: Fishing Season is Officially Open
28.05.18 How to Commit Simple Sabotage
04.06.18 Caption Challenge: Me-Ow!
04.06.18 Second-Guessing the US Civil War
11.06.18 Caption Challenge: Showdown
11.06.18 East Wallop's Tonsorial Artist
11.06.18 Story Challenge: Gorilla in the Mist
18.06.18 Caption Challenge: Teddy Car
18.06.18 Anderson Edwards Tells Us What Slavery Was Like
25.06.18 Caption Challenge: Modern Times
25.06.18 How Time Flies
25.06.18 Beetlejuice Car
02.07.18 Caption Challenge: Peekaboo
02.07.18 The Glorious Fourth
09.07.18 Caption Challenge: Natural Magic
16.07.18 A Valiant New Jerseyan Goes to War
16.07.18 Caption Challenge: Curious Robin
23.07.18 The Lost Duchess, Part I
23.07.18 Caption Challenge: Like Oil and Water
23.07.18 Suzie Q Ferguson Award: Giant Jellyfish
30.07.18 The Lost Duchess, Part II
30.07.18 Caption Challenge: Soundscape
30.07.18 Video Review: 'The Retired Cat' by William Cowper
30.07.18 Suzie Q Ferguson Award: One Night in Shanghai
06.08.18 The Lost Duchess, Part III
06.08.18 Caption Challenge: Restful
13.08.18 X-Treme Politeness
13.08.18 Caption Challenge: TJ's Literary Niche
20.08.18 Things We Don't Know Anymore
20.08.18 Caption Challenge: Mysteries of the Auction House
20.08.18 Ground Hog Day in August
20.08.18 French News: Hell Freezes Over in July
20.08.18 Suzie Q Ferguson Dines Out
27.08.18 Should Have Been: Kate Douglas Wiggin
27.08.18 Caption Challenge: Types in Binary
27.08.18 Bunker Down Revisited
27.08.18 What Is the Half-Life of Marie Curie?
03.09.18 Caption Challenge: At the Picnic
03.09.18 The Making of a Know-It-All
10.09.18 Caption Challenge: Brighten the Night
10.09.18 Suzie Q Meets Vienna
17.09.18 Caption Challenge: Measure Twice...
24.09.18 A Poem Edited by JRR Tolkien
24.09.18 Caption Challenge: Objet d'Art
24.09.18 Inspirational View
01.10.18 Caption Challenge: The Frogs of Mrs Hoggett
01.10.18 Potage aux Pantoufles
08.10.18 Caption Challenge: The Coolest Head
08.10.18 Caption Challenge: It's a No-Brainer
08.10.18 Elective Affinities: Do the Characters Have Chemistry?
08.10.18 Opinion Poll: Let's Talk Among Ourselves
15.10.18 Caption Challenge: The Cows of Burton Mere
15.10.18 How to Make a Missionary
15.10.18 What This Art Needs Is Tarting Up
22.10.18 Fatal Revenge
22.10.18 Caption Challenge: Centaur Propagation
29.10.18 The Witch of the Walnut Tree
29.10.18 Caption Challenge: Tall, Dark Stranger
29.10.18 Caption Challenge: Bend in the Road
05.11.18 The 1820 Anarchist's Cookbook
05.11.18 Caption Challenge: Happy Dog
12.11.18 Dick Baker's Cat
12.11.18 Caption Challenge: Stinkbug
12.11.18 How PoMo Is Your NaJo?
12.11.18 Mystery Photo
12.11.18 Mystery Photo: Answer
19.11.18 A Sprightly Dance
19.11.18 Caption Challenge: Spot the Reflections
26.11.18 Elections, Liverpool, 1820
26.11.18 Caption Challenge: Blackbird
26.11.18 Caption Challenge: Yawn!
03.12.18 Editorial Issues of the 14th Century
03.12.18 Caption Challenge: Sweet Ideas
10.12.18 A CIA Book Review
10.12.18 Caption Challenge: Oops!
17.12.18 Still the Guns
17.12.18 Caption Challenge: Bathing Beauty
24.12.18 Merry Christmas, Fellow Spies
24.12.18 Caption Challenge: Moo-ry Christmas
31.12.18 Foxfire and New Year's Eve
31.12.18 Caption Challenge: Among the Fields of Gold
07.01.19 The Sad Death of Aurelio Caballero
07.01.19 Caption Challenge: Reflective
14.01.19 Guest Essay on Government by HM George III
14.01.19 Caption Challenge: What O'Clock Is It?
21.01.19 In Praise of Public Domain
21.01.19 Caption Challenge: Sky Puzzle
28.01.19 Caption Challenge: Fetching Pose
28.01.19 Women Should Be on Statues, Too
28.01.19 Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow
04.02.19 Caption Challenge: Yawn
04.02.19 It Started with Sputnik
11.02.19 Caption Challenge: Archi-Texture
11.02.19 Blogging, 19th-century Style
18.02.19 Caption Challenge: Deer Trapped in Mud?
18.02.19 How to Write Short Stories: The Necessary Mental Equipment
18.02.19 Time Travel Fail (Video): Supervising Women Workers
25.02.19 Caption Challenge: Snow Mystery
25.02.19 Some Words from Sojourner Truth
04.03.19 Caption Challenge: Historical Edition
04.03.19 Memorial Day
04.03.19 Challenge Response: The Mysterious Cottage by Caimanraptorelk
11.03.19 Caption Challenge: I Am, I Said
11.03.19 How to Type in 1916
18.03.19 Caption Challenge: You Don't Have to Shout!
18.03.19 Superior-Type Person Goes Undercover
25.03.19 Caption Challenge: Insect Hotel
25.03.19 Poetry Corner with Molly and Lola
25.03.19 The Pennsylvania Hermit
01.04.19 Caption Challenge: Back-Fence Talk
01.04.19 April Jingle
08.04.19 Caption Challenge: Endangered Shipment
08.04.19 The Blind Men and the Elephant
08.04.19 A Nutty Ballet by Paulh
15.04.19 Caption Challenge: Quackers
15.04.19 How to Give a Serenade
15.04.19 Obligatory Cat: Meeow! by Caimanraptorelk
22.04.19 Caption Challenge: Give Me a Break
22.04.19 Lucifer's Feast (A European Nightmare)
29.04.19 Caption Challenge: Pensioners of the Corn
29.04.19 Learning to Miss
29.04.19 Notre Dame Tribute
06.05.19 Caption Challenge: Look Behind You
06.05.19 The Ghosts of Evil Past
13.05.19 Caption Challenge: Rainy River
13.05.19 Tourism in England, 1864
20.05.19 Caption Challenge: Sunburst
20.05.19 Poem Across Space and Time
27.05.19 Caption Challenge: Cat in Hat
27.05.19 1900 Was a Great Year for Humour
03.06.19 Caption Challenge: Waterfowl Talk
03.06.19 Real Pioneers
10.06.19 Caption Challenge: He Loves a Parade
10.06.19 Nature Lovers Have a Meeting
17.06.19 Caption Challenge: Cat on Wheels
17.06.19 Beautiful Britain: The Isle of Wight
24.06.19 Caption Challenge: Bird with Attitude
24.06.19 Tootsy-Wootsy, Itty-Bitty-Kitty
01.07.19 Caption Challenge: Minion Meet
08.07.19 Caption Challenge: Beating the Heat
15.07.19 George Washington's Pittsburgh Map
15.07.19 Caption Challenge: Sweetie with Umbrella
22.07.19 Caption Challenge: Bumblebee Birdcage
22.07.19 It's a Sign: Across the Shinif Line
29.07.19 Caption Challenge: Portrait with Fish
05.08.19 Caption Challenge: Crow Confab
12.08.19 Caption Challenge: Yawn!
12.08.19 Caption Challenge: Yawn!
19.08.19 Caption Challenge: Dreamscape
19.08.19 Our Centenarian Grandfather
26.08.19 Caption Challenge: Fun Derby
02.09.19 Caption Challenge: Boxed Kitty
09.09.19 Caption Challenge: Bald Eagle
16.09.19 Caption Challenge: Happy Sheep
23.09.19 Caption Challenge: Meerkat
30.09.19 Caption Challenge: CatzinBoxez
07.10.19 Caption Challenge: Switched-On Dude
21.10.19 Caption Challenge: Spooky Thing
28.10.19 Caption Challenge: Local Drunk
04.11.19 Caption Challenge: Mi Casa Es Su Casa?
11.11.19 Caption Challenge: Looking Up
18.11.19 Caption Challenge: Snoozing
09.12.19 Caption Challenge: Rapunzel?
16.12.19 Caption Challenge: It's Snowing, and He's Inside
06.01.20 Caption Challenge: Skeletal Beauty
06.01.20 A Dynamite Story
13.01.20 Caption Challenge: War of the Worlds
13.01.20 Out-of-Memory Error
20.01.20 Caption Challenge: Krestovozdvizhensky Cathedral
20.01.20 Report: New Year in Russia
27.01.20 Caption Challenge: Parking Lot to Hell?
27.01.20 How They Took Pictures in 1916
03.02.20 Caption Challenge: Hi, There!
03.02.20 Video: Astronomer Appreciation
10.02.20 Caption Challenge: Caged Transport
10.02.20 Great Gift Idea
17.02.20 Caption Challenge: The Eggs and the Ham and the Strawberry Jam
17.02.20 Better Living Through Electricity
24.02.20 Caption Challenge: Inviting?
02.03.20 Caption Challenge: Muesli Mosh Pit
09.03.20 Caption Challenge: Awe-Inspiring
09.03.20 Fan Mail from 1922
16.03.20 Caption Challenge: Easily Intimidated
23.03.20 The Boulevards of Paris, 1920
23.03.20 Caption Challenge: TJ in Hiding
30.03.20 The Virus: 100 Years Ago
30.03.20 Caption Challenge: Google Eyes
06.04.20 Brain of the Nation
06.04.20 Caption Challenge: Cruise
13.04.20 Bluejay Story
13.04.20 Caption Challenge: Dirty Look
20.04.20 Caption Challenge: Tanglewood House
27.04.20 Caption Challenge: Log Ness Monster
27.04.20 Literary Quiz: Guest Reviews
27.04.20 Literary Quiz: Guest Reviews - Answer
04.05.20 Caption Challenge: Sunning
11.05.20 Caption Challenge: Barrels of Fun
18.05.20 Caption Challenge: Another Highland Carving
25.05.20 Caption Challenge: Catty Talk
25.05.20 The Bing Cherry Stops Here
01.06.20 Caption Challenge: Evil Eye
01.06.20 Topography of a Bird
15.06.20 Caption Challenge: Hurry, Now!
22.06.20 It's a Sign: Neon Memories
22.06.20 Caption Challenge: If I Fits, I Sits
29.06.20 Caption Challenge: It's a Steal
06.07.20 Caption Challenge: Spiritual Social Distancing
06.07.20 A Member of the Adams Family Discusses Confederate Statues (in 1902)
13.07.20 Caption Challenge: Illegal Cuteness Warning
13.07.20 A Chosen People
20.07.20 Caption Challenge: Lookalike Family
20.07.20 Broadway Calendar, 1921
27.07.20 Caption Challenge: What Fresh Madness Is This?
27.07.20 A Different Look
03.08.20 Caption Challenge: Hello, Dolly
03.08.20 You Know You Want This
03.08.20 Eclipse Dancing
10.08.20 Caption Challenge: Quiet Cats
10.08.20 Caption Challenge: Meeting Notes
10.08.20 This Is a Bargain
17.08.20 Caption Challenge: Sinister?
17.08.20 Caption Challenge: Sky Smiley
17.08.20 Steamboat Sailor
24.08.20 Caption Challenge: Magnificent
24.08.20 In Lincoln's Chair, by Ida Tarbell
31.08.20 Caption Challenge: Bunny Pose
31.08.20 Future Shock, 1920
07.09.20 Caption Challenge: Storefront
07.09.20 The Graf Zeppelin (Video)
14.09.20 Caption Challenge: Speechless
14.09.20 Dickens in Pittsburgh
21.09.20 Caption Challenge: Hi, There
21.09.20 Guest Ghost
28.09.20 Caption Challenge: Meh...Not Meh, But Meh!
28.09.20 Music in 1920
05.10.20 Caption Challenge: Efficient
05.10.20 Weird News from 1921
12.10.20 Caption Challenge: Who's There?
12.10.20 The Ghost's Supper
19.10.20 Caption Challenge: Obligatory Cat
19.10.20 Stalking the Wild Turkey, Then and Now
26.10.20 Caption Challenge: Please Apply Brakes
26.10.20 Adventure of the German Student
02.11.20 Caption Challenge: Mystery Photo
02.11.20 Twitter, 1910
09.11.20 Caption Challenge: Hear Me Roar
09.11.20 Snarky Rejections
16.11.20 Caption Challenge: Geometric
16.11.20 The Elusive Pennsylvania Panther
23.11.20 Caption Challenge: Annoyed Cat
23.11.20 Adventures of a Doctor in the US Civil War
30.11.20 Caption Challenge: Don't Bother Me
30.11.20 Really Bad Writing, 1897 Edition
30.11.20 Really Dumb Cartoon from 1875
07.12.20 Caption Challenge: Sign of the Times
07.12.20 Svengali and Trilby
07.12.20 Obligatory Cat Joke
07.12.20 Paparazzo
14.12.20 Caption Challenge: It Was a Gas
14.12.20 Piano Joke (1875)
14.12.20 Obligatory Cat: Defying Gravity
14.12.20 Caption Challenge: Tell the Story
14.12.20 Slippery Coal-Hole Covers
14.12.20 Jokes: Suitable for Weaponisation
21.12.20 Caption Challenge: Write Your Own Caption
21.12.20 Let Tornados Spew Water
21.12.20 The Enchanted Apple Tree
21.12.20 Ninja Film Review: Virus-Free Cinema Time-Travel Guide
21.12.20 That Memory Course Didn't Help
28.12.20 Caption Challenge: Why I Killed My 22 Wives
28.12.20 A Word About the New York Police
28.12.20 Christmas Eve on Lonesome
04.01.21 Caption Challenge: Name That Cowboy
04.01.21 Books for Lazy Readers: Ben Hur
11.01.21 Caption Challenge: Caption This Cartoon
11.01.21 Caption Challenge: Neighbourhood Watchcat
11.01.21 Chatterbox
11.01.21 Rural Mail Route Waltz
18.01.21 Caption Challenge: Water Driving
18.01.21 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
18.01.21 How to Unpack a Piano
18.01.21 Martin Hyde (1)
25.01.21 Caption Challenge: Business Opportunity
25.01.21 Getting Home in 1839
25.01.21 Miss May 1885
25.01.21 Martin Hyde (2)
01.02.21 Caption Challenge: Snowmanslaughter!
01.02.21 What's Wrong with Groundhogs
01.02.21 Martin Hyde (3)
08.02.21 Caption Challenge: Those Mittens
08.02.21 Learn Piano by Mail (1921)
08.02.21 Martin Hyde (4)
15.02.21 Caption Challenge: A Visit to the Museum
15.02.21 Making a Biplane Box Kite
15.02.21 Martin Hyde (5)
22.02.21 Caption Challenge: Footprints in Snow
22.02.21 Freight Rates 1899
22.02.21 Martin Hyde (6)
01.03.21 Caption Challenge: Misinformation, Please
01.03.21 Health Advice, 1860
01.03.21 Home Health and Beauty, 1900
01.03.21 Martin Hyde (7)
08.03.21 Caption Challenge: Mountain Home Talk
08.03.21 Blast from the Past: Bridge and Trolley
08.03.21 Martin Hyde (8)
15.03.21 Caption Challenge: When Icicles Hang by the Wall
15.03.21 The Church Gets a Stove (PT Barnum)
15.03.21 Martin Hyde (9)
22.03.21 Caption Challenge: What the Kitty Says
22.03.21 Triskadekaphobia (PT Barnum)
22.03.21 Martin Hyde (10)
22.03.21 Jimmy Carter and the Festival Queen
22.03.21 Lou Henry Hoover Draws a Map
22.03.21 Once-in-a-Million Shot
29.03.21 Caption Challenge: The Flying Merkel
29.03.21 Make Your Own Electricity
29.03.21 Martin Hyde (11)
05.04.21 Caption Challenge: It's Quite a Sign
05.04.21 Kipling on Flag-Waving
05.04.21 Sit Still, We'll Move the Building
05.04.21 Martin Hyde (12)
12.04.21 Caption Challenge: Obligatory Cat Impersonating a Vampire
12.04.21 Artist at Work
12.04.21 Martin Hyde (13)
19.04.21 Caption Challenge: Obligatory Cat Being Clever
19.04.21 They Sing, They Dance, They Throw Knives
19.04.21 Artist at Work
19.04.21 Martin Hyde (14)
26.04.21 Caption Challenge: This Way to the Dog Hotel
26.04.21 Worst Joke You'll See This Week
26.04.21 Martin Hyde (15)
03.05.21 Caption Challenge: What Is the Cat Thinking?
03.05.21 Pack Horse Library
03.05.21 Martin Hyde (16)
03.05.21 The Eyes Have It, by PK Dick
27.02.23 Nature Theatre of the Absurd: Billy Woodchuck Forgets to Whistle
06.03.23 Playwrights' Challenge - Alien Corn
27.03.23 Caption Challenge
03.04.23 Margaret Truman's Chocolate Pie
10.04.23 The 'Good Old Days', 1925
24.04.23 Old News
01.05.23 She Didn't Know the Half of It
10.07.23 Why the Country Is Better Than the City, Part Four Thousand
11.12.23 Some Words About Christmas Carols from 1900
11.12.23 The Little Tiny Thing: A Morally Improving Tale for Christmas
18.12.23 A Kidnapped Santa Claus by L Frank Baum
25.12.23 Music for St Nicholas
25.12.23 Christmas Every Day by William Dean Howells
08.01.24 Belgium, Man, Belgium
08.01.24 Roll Out the Barrel
15.01.24 Good Old-Fashioned Moiduh
19.02.24 The Annotated Buster Brown
19.02.24 Silas the Patriot
04.03.24 Bad Jokes Department - Banana Peel Humour
04.03.24 The Tired Proofreader
25.03.24 Revenge by Cow

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