h2g2 Caption Challenge: Sit Quietly and Don't Fuss

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Can you think of a snappy caption for this odd picture? Of course you can. You're a h2g2 Researcher.

Sit Quietly and Don't Fuss

A Quaker meeting.

The old-time Quakers in this picture (it was taken in the mid-19th century) are reminding us to sit quietly and meditate. Always a good suggestion. Have you tried it lately?

Actually, you may think these people look stern, or silly, or clueless. But you know what? They were incredibly brave. Many of them actually came to bodily harm – even died – because of their opposition to slavery and the ensuing Civil War. They were thrown in jail, tortured, and sometimes murdered. Some of the men were sent unarmed onto battlefields. They practiced what they preached, and were real heroes.

They had an incredible sense of humour, too. This meeting house was ancient, even then. One day, they finally decided to putting a heating stove in. And of course, somebody complained because they were changing something… After the next meeting, one elderly man who'd been sitting in the back whinged that he'd been hot the whole time. That stove was just too much. With much amusement, the rest of them informed the complainer that the stove wasn't lit. No more complaints were heard about 'changing things'. (Does that sound like anybody you know?)

Can you come up with a caption for this old-time picture?

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