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Posted: 29th February 2016

On the Street Where You Live

View down the street. You know how I'm always telling you to look out the window and tell us what you see? That you're supposed to be reporting on Planet Earth? Well, that's almost outside my window. I took a few steps down to the sidewalk (pavement to you) to snap this last week. Yeah, we had that much snow. As I write this, it's melted. But by the time this issue goes out, who knows? We may be shoveling again. [We were. Thursday night was a blizzard.] Such is February.

Of course, today we say a fond farewell to Ground Hog Month. (And happy fourth birthday to my grandnephew, a Leap Day child. Don't sign any apprenticeship papers with pirates.) Create will be along soon with a new challenge, but if you still have a memory for this month's 'Tears in the Rain' theme, send it on in, in memory of Roy Batty.

They say opposites attract, and this week's Post is a study in contrasts. We have the cinema expertise of Awix, professionally assessing the latest film. And then we have a ninja cinema review from moi, in which I pretend that the purpose of film is to teach things. Take your pick, or read both of them. We're easy.

Mags has games to tell about, and since I don't know who Thomas is, or why he was alone, I'll let her tell it. Galaxy Babe has amazing things to share about outer space. Willem has a noisy bird. (I want one in my backyard. Really. Maybe it would scare that skunk away.)

With the end of February, we also say a fond farewell to our Writer of the Month, Charlotte M. Yonge. We thank Bluebottle for drawing the Post's attention to this (unjustly?) neglected Victorian writer. This week, Charlotte's all about knighthood and such. Very exciting stuff, but not much like the movies.

Which brings us full circle. You have things to say about how wrong/right/ridiculous we are? That's why there's room for comments at the bottom of each page. Help yourself. We promise to write back once we stop chuckling. That reminds you of a really cool story you want to get off your chest? You know where to reach us. Send Stuff, the Editor is greedy like that.

Enjoy your week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Crested Francolin by Willem.
  • Some Quakers at a meeting in the 1800s.



  • Der Freiherr von Adlerstein.
  • Some guys messing around with film.


  • Create March Challenge.
  • Driving etiquette.

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