March Create: Significant Objects

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'Objects are just things, right? Well no, actually. Ever since the first human made a line on a cave wall, some objects have taken on a special significance. Many religions have objects they regard as sacred or, at least, use in worship - the Jewish menorah, the Egptian ankh, the Christian cross. Not just religions either. Think of the importance of a trophy to a keen footballer, or a set of medals to a war veteran. Individuals have their own special objects too. Things that matter, because of the memories they invoke, or the people with whom they are associated. Or simply beacuse they are beautiful.

What are your special objects?

  • The pair of slippers worn by your mother just before she died
  • the drawing your child did when he was three
  • that teddy bear you never threw away
  • the machine you learnt to sew on
  • the candle in a bowl of stones you keep on your window sill.
  • An old tool you treasure because of who gave it to you - or the first thing you made with it?
  • Dad's old army mess kit.

  • Tell us about your significant objects and send photos.

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