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This page contains the archive for the
Fact and Fiction articles written by Dmitri Gheorgheni which have appeared in The Post.

13.03.08 Waylighter
08.05.08 Play The Rests (Dr Who)
06.11.08 World History - The Budget Edition
04.12.08 Seasons of Love: Winter Goodbye
18.12.08 Xmas Glurge, Please Forward
22.01.09 Pride and Pixellation, by A Lady
05.02.09 Freedom of Association
19.02.09 Some Lines from Horace
05.03.09 Imperative Territory
16.04.09 Kalima
30.04.09 The Lunch Break
28.05.09 A Woman Is Only A Woman
11.06.09 The Pack Howls for Ivan
25.06.09 Anecdotal Evidence
23.07.09 Ireland at Two Miles an Hour
17.09.09 Makeover Madness
18.10.09 A Tale of a Tail
16.11.09 A Dance in Time
23.11.09 The Day I Woke Up Sad
30.11.09 Ghost Shouter
07.12.09 The Crying of Lot 42 - With Apologies to Thomas Pynchon
14.12.09 An Attempted Murder of Crows
21.12.09 The Librarian's Tale
21.12.09 In the Bleak Midwinter Shopping Mall
18.01.10 Prayers and Wishes
25.01.10 Separating Fact from Fiction
01.02.10 The Communist Plot that Worked
08.02.10 Cabin Fever
15.02.10 Ink, Stamps and Wiggs, or: "Why we aren't British Any More"
22.02.10 Name Dropping: How to be a Foreigner
01.03.10 Virtue or Bust: A Web Test for the Thoughtfully Bored
08.03.10 No Bad Spellerz Need Apply
15.03.10 Diary of an American Robin - The Return of Spring
22.03.10 The Sacred Art of Statistics: A Decennial Reflection
29.03.10 The Abandonment of Art
05.04.10 The Gheorghenis Chez Eux
12.04.10 Pining for Fresh Air
19.04.10 Jakobsson's Ark
26.04.10 Turn on the Camcorders: We Surrender
03.05.10 The Music in our Minds
10.05.10 The Pictures in our Heads
17.05.10 Poolside Dreams of Imperialism
24.05.10 Ice Cold Killers: The Series
31.05.10 The Goth War with the Romulans - An Ongoing Conflict
07.06.10 Sunday in Acme
14.06.10 True Believers
21.06.10 Finnegan's Lunch Break
28.06.10 Contact
05.07.10 These Are the Times That Fry Men's Brains
12.07.10 Wake Me Up When the Cold War Is Over
19.07.10 You Had to Have Been There
26.07.10 Come In, It's Air-Conditioned Inside
06.09.10 Pantographers
13.09.10 Progressive Dinner
20.09.10 Autumn Commerce
27.09.10 Communists and Other Undesirables
27.09.10 Lamenting Readers and Adverbial Writers: Read this Quickly
04.10.10 Where are the Seven Thousand?
11.10.10 Tried in the Fire
18.10.10 What Roll? Whose Yonder?
25.10.10 A Domestic Tail
01.11.10 Getting the Gita
08.11.10 The Rose of Mars
15.11.10 What are you playing at?
22.11.10 The Story of Corporal Tischbein
22.11.10 Grasshopper Vertigo
29.11.10 Horace and the Profanity Filter
06.12.10 The Long Dark Cocktail Hour of the Soul
13.12.10 How to Keep your Writing Clean, Civilised, and Lawyer-free
20.12.10 The Turning of the Sun
20.12.10 Day Trip to Earth
20.12.10 How NOT to Hide your Christmas presents
10.01.11 Passing Things Around
17.01.11 Tinfoil Hats and You
24.01.11 Colours of the World
31.01.11 Walking on the Moon
07.02.11 Defending the Citadel
14.02.11 Anglo-Saxon is NOT a Race
21.02.11 A Good Day's Work
28.02.11 A Good Man Takes His Leave
07.03.11 Cerebral
14.03.11 Cooter
21.03.11 Fluffy-tailed Menace
28.03.11 The Ground Beneath Our Feet
04.04.11 Real Versus Virtual
11.04.11 Dream A Little Dream
18.04.11 Sanity
25.04.11 How Tight is your Tinfoil Hat?
09.05.11 Unwritten Contracts
16.05.11 Saucer of Jam
16.05.11 10 Things to Do When You're Left 'In Charge' at the Post
16.05.11 The h2g2 Restaurant Review - Eating In with Dmitri
23.05.11 The Chieftain's Ring: A Cautionary Tale
30.05.11 What Colour are your Spaceships?
06.06.11 h2g2 Galactic Edition
06.06.11 The h2g2 Poem: Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing the Blues
13.06.11 What to Do While Waiting for the Giant Mutant Space Goat (or h2g2 Regime Change, Whichever Comes First)
13.06.11 Politically Incorrect Horace
13.06.11 The Acrostic Poem: PedanticBarSteward
20.06.11 What to Think About when your Brain is on Hiatus
27.06.11 Anthypnia
27.06.11 What I Thought of Thor
04.07.11 Black and White
11.07.11 Saving the Best for Last Contest: Count the Tardises
18.07.11 Eccentric Fixations
18.07.11 The Post Writing Challenge: Diamonds in the Rough
25.07.11 Diamonds in the Rough - Eos
25.07.11 Mother Tongue
01.08.11 Sunny Sides Up
01.08.11 How to Fill Up Those Useless Leisure Hours
08.08.11 Horace and the Solitary Esophagus
15.08.11 Language Salad
22.08.11 Old Time Religion
29.08.11 Open Season on Silly
05.09.11At Home in the Universe
12.09.11Dutch Actor with Shotgun, or, What Are They Drinking in Nova Scotia?
19.09.11Is This the Sort of Thing You Lifeforms Enjoy Doing?
26.09.11Amateurs No More
03.10.11Why John Hates Mondays
17.10.11Lettres de Cachet
17.10.11The Threads That Never Were (from h2g2's 'Lost Time')
24.10.11Past Life h2g2-gression: A Play in One Cyberact
31.10.11On a Clear Day You Can See Bridey, or, How Were Things in Glocca Morra?
14.11.11Finding McLemoresville
21.11.11How to Speak Globish
28.11.11Totally Random Thoughts in No Particular Order
05.12.11The Twelve Years of the h2g2 Post
12.12.11Cheese It the Language Cops
19.12.11A Gift For My Father
09.01.12Improving Our SEO - A Top-Ten List
23.01.12Sonnet on Subliminal Sublimity
23.01.12Implicit Associations
30.01.12Random Thoughts (Again)
06.02.12The End of the Rainbow, and How Alice Got There
06.02.12How Active is Our listening?
13.02.12African-American History Month: A Reading List
05.03.12I Can Help You Communicate Better
09.04.12Unfinished Journey – Ticket C2144
23.04.12Jonathan Frid, Reluctant Vampire
21.05.12How Dark Are the Shadows?
11.06.12Utility and the Muse
18.06.12Drive-Ins: Drama under the Stars
15.10.12The Search for Houdini's Speedo
29.10.12A Little Lytton Goes a Long Way
26.11.12Wrapping Presents Behind the Bed (A Christmas Memory)
07.01.13Prince Henry's Beast Book
14.01.13Being Practical
21.01.13Thoughts Are Free
04.02.13The Sense of Childhood
11.02.13The Urban Myth of Meteorites
11.02.13More Hats Than You Know What to Do With: A Poem
25.02.13The Purloined Universe
08.04.131983: The Greatest Travel Year
15.04.13Hitchhiking Through the Guide: A board Game
13.05.13Jason Statham and the Gesamtkunstwerk
03.06.13Memorial Day
01.07.13On the Difference Between Poetry and Brain Chemistry
15.07.13Gardens I Have Known
05.08.13Improving Your English with MacArthur Park
26.08.13Where Have I Heard That Song Before
16.09.13Senior Day
21.10.13No weather for lederhosen
05.01.14Gender and Photography 101
27.01.14My First Meeting with Krishna
03.02.14Steampunk Science Theatre
09.06.14Olympic Dreams with Dracula
18.08.14August Create: Retreat
02.02.15Grimms' Fairytales for Grownups: Mary's Child
09.02.15 Fairytales for Grownups: The Old Woman and Her Pig
16.02.15Grimms' Fairytales for Grownups: Black Forest Sex Report
30.03.15 Rain Damage
11.05.15The Triffids…er, Dandelions
13.07.15A Report on the Latest Nastynesse in North America, by Ye Post Correspondente for Warre
24.08.15Not the Phyto-Philes: Corn
31.08.15Farm and Livestock Report, US Division
04.01.16The h2g2 January Motivational Speakers' Forum, Part I
04.01.16The h2g2 January Motivational Speakers' Forum, Part II
29.02.16The Ninja Cinema Review: Five Stories, One Theme
14.03.16Markov h2g2 Post Editorial
14.03.16Punxsutawney Pilgrimage
21.03.16The Jew Store, by Stella Suberman
04.04.16The Great Easter Egg Shoot-Out
04.04.16An Open Letter to Spammers
18.04.16Ninja Film Review: The Return of Windex and the Bundt Cake
25.04.16Move Over, Rolls Royce: We're Going to Brookville
02.05.16Ninja Film Review: Chuck Norris vs. Communism
16.05.16The Looming Disaster: Or, how I learned to make Round Things
06.06.16How to Make a High-Tech Pompom
13.06.16Ninja Film Review: Reds
13.06.16Don't godot there
27.06.16Mind Reading 101: Relative Deprivation
27.06.16Coaster-ing Your Way to Loom Knitting Expertise
11.07.16Knit, Knit, Knit
18.07.16Ninja Film Review: Wet
08.08.16Purls of Wisdom
15.08.16Maintenance Discussions on Ursa Minor Beta
15.08.16Over the Border to Ohio, and What Dmitri Bought There
03.10.16How to Make a Slipper (or Two)
24.10.16The Ninja Cinema Review: Season of the VVitch
12.12.16Inquiring Minds Want to Know
02.01.17Lab on the Run
09.01.17Wars and Their Leftover Discontents
23.01.17Ninja Film Review: Smaug at Bosworth Field
30.01.17Ninja Film Review: No, No...Not the 'Blue Danube'...
13.02.17Moment for Peace: Somebody's Darling
06.03.17Book Review: Better Angels
27.03.17Not the Colours of Wildlife: Canis familiaris
01.05.17Ninja Film Review: The Return of Tom Servo
08.05.17Ninja Film Review: Ghosts at Home
12.06.17Where Baby Walnuts Come From
19.06.17All Mine to Feed
26.06.17The Peony
03.07.17Lilies of the Field
03.07.17Ninja Film Review: Putting Ourselves in the (Historical) Picture
24.07.17Consider the Lilies III
24.07.17Handbags for Small Divas
31.07.17Farewell, My Lovely Umbrella
31.07.17Consider the Lilies and Georgia O'Keeffe
07.08.17Consider the Lilies IV
14.08.17The Lily That Ate the Yard
21.08.17Ford Prefect's 42 Favourite Facts About Earth: Part I, Life
21.08.17Ninja Film Review: Tovarasul Militian/Comrade Detective
28.08.17Ford Prefect's 42 Favourite Facts About Earth: Part II, The Universe
04.09.17Cat Avant-Garde
11.09.17Total Tweet War
18.09.17The Grumpy Editor's Enemies (and Friends) List
23.10.17Chrome, Sunshine, and (Possible) Idolatry
30.10.17UFO Weather
27.11.17Ninja Film Review: Trains, Tragedy, and the Perfect Belgian Moustache
27.11.17Maybe It's a Sign: Push-Button or Crank?
18.12.17Holiday Awkwardness
25.12.17The Man from Delaware Gets Lost in Sussex
01.01.18Why They Left Home
08.01.18Lolita, the Online Mermaid
08.01.18Droning On
08.01.18Georgia Winter
08.01.18Field of Dreams
15.01.18Message in a Klein Bottle
15.01.18The Tractor Trophy
22.01.18The Empty Road
29.01.18When Icicles Hang By the Wall
29.01.18Preparing to Meet the Groundhog
05.02.18On the Subject of Wretched Refuse
05.02.18Video of the Week: The Fool in Orbit
05.02.18Snow Rollers: When Nature Gets Ready for a Snowball Fight
12.02.18Stark Beauty
19.02.18Boring as the Weather Report
19.02.18Ninja Film Review: Caffeinated Boogie Nights
26.02.18Video of the Week: I'll Fly Away
05.03.18Guest Photograph: The Seeing Eye
05.03.18Video of the Week: Oumuamua
12.03.18Weird Quote of the Week: Baptists in Texas
12.03.18Video of the Week: Air on a Flapper G-String
12.03.189 Out of 10 Mermaids Hate Sunlight Soap
19.03.18Video of the Week: Mars Odd-ysssey
19.03.18Winter Reprise
19.03.18What to Watch on Youtube
26.03.18Video: Spaced-Out Debussy
02.04.18Video: Moon River
02.04.18Danny's Day
09.04.18Op/Ed: Sex, Gender, Respect, and Linguistics
09.04.18History Video: For What It's Worth
09.04.18Easter Ballistics Update
16.04.18Video: Delilah Meets Carmen
23.04.18History Video: Piano Man
23.04.18Cat-tu Barada Nikto
23.04.18Shakespeare Video: Romeo and Juliet
30.04.18Line of Demarcation
30.04.18Video: Fire, Rain, and Contrary Cows
07.05.18Not the Colours of Wildlife: Eastern Cottontail
07.05.18Video: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
14.05.18Spring, Finally
14.05.18Video: Tune It Again, Sam
21.05.18A Modest Proposal
21.05.18Video: The Deep and Timeless Sea of Space
28.05.18Beware the Bear
28.05.18Video: Lucy in the Skies
04.06.18Meet Pierogi the Kitten
04.06.18Giant Eggs!
04.06.18Video: Send in the Clowns
11.06.18Call the Cute Police
11.06.18Video Thriller: The Lone Gun-Ducks
18.06.18Dead Presidents Walking
18.06.18Video: Much More Fun Than Watching Paint Dry
25.06.18The Planet of Happy Childhoods
25.06.18Op/Ed: Don't Be a Golgafrinchan!
25.06.18Video: Queue Etiquette
25.06.18Innocent Looks
25.06.18Video: Queue Etiquette
02.07.18Having a Cuddle
02.07.18Video: TJ Reviews TV
09.07.18Ninja Film Review: Cargo
09.07.18Video: Where Dogs Drool and Cats Rule
16.07.18Up and Down and Around the Town
16.07.18Obligatory Cat Photo: Sweet
16.07.18Video Meditation: The Sun is Cool
23.07.18Long Exposure (poem)
23.07.18Video: Paws of Fury
30.07.18It's a Sign (Lawyer Joke)
30.07.18Video: Paws of Fury II
06.08.18Summer Farm News
06.08.18Video: I've Been in the Storm So Long
06.08.18Groundhog Sighting
13.08.18Video: Rush Hour at the Bird Feeder
13.08.18Consider the Lilies: 2018 Edition
13.08.18Biological Guessing
13.08.18Even the Brave Get the Willies, Sometimes
20.08.18Video: Little Bird, Little Bird
20.08.18There Is No Such Thing as a Useless Fact
27.08.18Video: Earth Perspectives
03.09.18Video: Eastern European Jewish Communities
03.09.18Another Tiny Toad
03.09.18The Case of the Elderly Tractor
03.09.18The Civil Servant and the Vegetarian Vampire, Part I
03.09.18It's a Sign: Watch the Language
10.09.18Video: Pyromania!
10.09.18Presentation is Everything
10.09.18Fair, Warmer, with Early Morning Soap Bubbles
10.09.18The Civil Servant and the Vegetarian Vampire, Part II
10.09.18The Day the Dog Came to Church
17.09.18Video: TJ Theatre
17.09.18The Civil Servant and the Vegetarian Vampire, Part III (Conclusion)
17.09.18Yes, TJ, There Is a Bug on the Ceiling
24.09.18Video: Piano in Hyperspace
24.09.18Diary of an Itinerant Musician: Labo(u)r Day
01.10.18Video: Electric Dreams
01.10.18Adventures in Retailing
08.10.18Video: Dancing Fingers
15.10.18Video: Adventures of Chippy and Tami
15.10.18Farm-Fresh Eggs
22.10.18Video: Report from a Small Planet
29.10.18Video: Felix the Cat Monkeys with Magic
05.11.18Video: At the Antique Tractor Show
12.11.18Video: A Sense of Balance
12.11.18Mad Scientist Alert
12.11.18Sitting on a Pumpkin
12.11.18Fun with Music
12.11.18The Evolution of Idea Sharing
19.11.18Video: Piano Makes Waves
19.11.18Video: Down to the River to Pray
19.11.18Poem: Sorbet Dreams
26.11.18Video: Piano Rising
03.12.18Video: Enter the Magi
10.12.18Video: Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen
10.12.18Video: Stalking the Wild Cursor
17.12.18Video: Mrs Hoggett's Piano Practice
17.12.18Video: The Cherry Tree Carol
17.12.18Video: In the Bleak Midwinter
17.12.18And the Moon...
24.12.18Video: The Little Box
24.12.18Video: Hark!
31.12.18Video: Hear the Bells
31.12.18Video: Personent Hodie
07.01.19Video Remote Report: The Invasion of the Piano Players
07.01.19Video: Greensleeves
07.01.19h2g2 Rant: Xenoglossophobia and Public Rudeness
07.01.19Perks of the Edited Guide: Recipe Testing
14.01.19Video: Ecclesiastical Electronics
21.01.19Video: My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now
21.01.19Jail with Arrow Slits
28.01.19Video: Cats Fail to Appreciate 'Trees"
28.01.19Play One for the Gipper
04.02.19Video: A Winter's Day
04.02.19Jazz Babies Concert #3: Muddy Water
04.02.19Bird Roost with Steam Heat
04.02.19Of Light, Dark, and Other Things
04.02.19It's a Sign: Uniformity Is Out of Fashion
11.02.19How I Travel (I)
11.02.19Video: Earth Barcarolle
11.02.19Happy Valentine's Day
11.02.19Home Decorating
11.02.19Barking at the Car Wash
11.02.19It's a Sign: Broken Ribs? No Problem!
18.02.19Pop Quiz: Guess the Building
18.02.19Pop Quiz: Guess the Building – Answer
18.02.19Video: Snow Day, Russian Style
18.02.19Video: Suzie Q Ferguson, Song Pusher
18.02.19It's a Sign: Judicious Door Use
25.02.19Video: When Schubert Meets the Shuberts
25.02.19Video: Kafka Fights City Hall
25.02.19A Matter of Perspective
25.02.19It's a Sign: The Words of the Prophets Had Better Not Be Written on These Walls
04.03.19Video: Christina's Cantilena
04.03.19Video: Loose Lips Sink Cakes
11.03.19Video: Not Like Paint Drying
11.03.19Video: From the Archive
11.03.19What3words (Poem)
11.03.19Detective Work
18.03.19Video: Concerto for Piano and Wildlife
18.03.19Obligatory Early Kittens
18.03.19In Praise of Complexity
25.03.19Video: Pastorale
01.04.19Video: Chippy the Chipmunk Wakes Up
01.04.19Invitation to a Slide
08.04.19Video: Cantilena
15.04.19Video: Competitive Grooming
22.04.19Video: Baroque Laser Play
22.04.19Obligatory Kitten: Domestic Discovery
29.04.19Video: Beth-El
29.04.19Tiny Arrival
06.05.19Video: Rites of Spring
13.05.19Video: Blooming
13.05.19The Road Ahead
20.05.19Music Video: Ask a Glass of Water
20.05.19Video: Rainy Day Drive
20.05.19Willow Weep for Me
27.05.19Video: Our Eyes Are on the Sparrows
27.05.19Let Sleeping Cats Lie
03.06.19Black-and-White: Dog Watching Parade
03.06.19Video: Bumblebee Heaven
10.06.19Black-and-White: Time in the Twilight Zone
10.06.19Video: Lilac and Rhododendron Conspiracy
17.06.19Black-and-White: Fuzzy
17.06.19Video: Simple Gifts of Earth
17.06.19It's a Sign: Sales Pressure
24.06.19Black-and-White: Wheels
24.06.19Video: Window Dressing
01.07.19Black-and-White: Glamour Shot
01.07.19Video: Entertaining Chickens
08.07.19Black-and-White: Stairs
08.07.19Video: 'Nother Bunny
08.07.19Sometimes You Get Things Back
15.07.19Black-and-White: Beethoven View
15.07.19Video: Sunday Cruise
15.07.19Catch 42
22.07.19Black-and-White: The Road Ahead
22.07.19Video: Go with the Flow
22.07.19On the Holism of Spider Silk
22.07.19It's a Sign: The Restaurant is Open, Durn It
29.07.19Video: Shepherd Song
29.07.19Pale Pink Peony
29.07.19Requiem for the Flowers
05.08.19Video: Farmyard Floor Show
05.08.19It's a Sign: Speed Limit 7 mph
05.08.19Contrail Heaven
05.08.19Old Car
05.08.19Eagle's Nest
12.08.19Video: Me, Too
19.08.19Video: Cloud Story
19.08.19Video: Not-So-Angry Birds
19.08.19You Saw the Whole of the Moon
26.08.19Video: Lullaby
26.08.19Venerable Tree
02.09.19Video: What to Play in a Power Failure
02.09.19Molly Reflected
09.09.19The Grift of Love (Copyright Edition)
09.09.19Video: And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well
09.09.19Video: A Summer of Black and White
09.09.19Men Working
16.09.19Major Sidewalk Closing
16.09.19Video: Une vache andalouse
16.09.19A Deal's a Deal
16.09.19Black and White: Round Cat
23.09.19Stump Specialists
23.09.19Video: Switched-On Purcell: Two Minuets and a Chipmunk
23.09.19Black and White: Backhoe and Castle
23.09.19Starchild Marlowe and the Half-Pint Prince of Darkness
30.09.19Video: Steinway Magic
30.09.19Black and White: Cannon
07.10.19Video: Morning Has Broken
07.10.19Video: Flutter-Bye
07.10.19Black and White: Pieta
14.10.19Video: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
14.10.19Video: Cars, Cars, Cars (and Bikes)
14.10.19Black and White: Pilgrim Holiness Church, Venus
14.10.1930 Hours in Hooverville
14.10.19The Zoo Comes to Town
21.10.19Video: Cinderella Transport Update
21.10.19Black-and-White: Machine Wonder
21.10.19Christmas in Apex
28.10.19Video: Virtual Ferris Wheel Ride
28.10.19Black-and-White: Flute Line
28.10.19It's a Sign: Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away
28.10.19Last Meal
28.10.19Wildlife Encounter
04.11.19Late Flower, Lazy Bee
04.11.19Video: They've Been Working on the Railroad
04.11.19Abandoned Store, Venus
11.11.19Library Crowd
11.11.19Video: Oracle
18.11.19Too Long at the Fair (I)
18.11.19Video: Newsreel from Yesteryear
18.11.19Video: All Good Gifts
18.11.19Lady of Justice
25.11.19Too Long at the Fair (II)
25.11.19Video: Autumn at the River
25.11.19Video: Tic-Toc Polka
25.11.19Waiting for the Light
25.11.19Autumn River
02.12.19Hoovermas Carol
02.12.19Ninja Film Review: Notes from the Neighbourhood
02.12.19Video: Medium Leslie
02.12.19Trees and River
09.12.19Another Winter Nap
09.12.19Lo, How a Cactus Blooming
09.12.19Church, Steeple, Sun
09.12.19Obligatory Cat: Guest Editor
09.12.19Video: Advent Music
09.12.19Winter Winds Blow
09.12.19Play Bow
16.12.19Obligatory Cat: Meet Bruce Wayne
16.12.19Video: Huron Carol
16.12.19Video: Obligatory Kittens
16.12.19Hyper Tough
23.12.19Obligatory Cat: Kitten Under Tree
23.12.19Video: Down the Road
23.12.19Video: Who Let the Cats In?
23.12.19Video: Merry Little Christmas
30.12.19Video: Suzy Snowflake
30.12.19Domesticated Tractor
30.12.19Video: Christmas Lights Highlights 2019
30.12.19At the Possum Lodge Meeting
06.01.20Video: Hey, Ho, Nobody Home
06.01.20Concrete Puzzle
06.01.20City Mouse, Country Mouse
06.01.20Christmas Sunset
06.01.20It's a Sign: The Language of Candy Canes
13.01.20Video: Trebuchet Demonstration
13.01.20Ossining Lower School for Girls
13.01.20Obligatory Cat: Contemplation
13.01.20Voluntary Dog: Meet Scrappy-Doo
20.01.20Group Portrait with Horse
20.01.20Traffic Jam in Hooverville, Film at 11.
20.01.20Cloud Parking
20.01.20Obligatory Cat: Making Itself Big
27.01.20Video: Knights of the Semicircle, or, Let's Table This Discussion
27.01.20Under Glass
27.01.20Lola the Social Climber
03.02.20DG's Condensed Books: Pincher Martin by William Golding
03.02.20Video: Winter of Our Discontent
03.02.20Layered Past
03.02.20Fountain at Night (by Mrs McGillicuddy)
10.02.20Video: There Is a Fountain
10.02.20Lens on the Past
10.02.20Night Snow
17.02.20Backstreet View
17.02.20Video: Eve of Destruction
17.02.20Voluntary Dog: Impatience
17.02.20It's Jamestown All Over Again
24.02.20Groundhog Day
24.02.20Video: Piano Meditation
02.03.20Groundhog Day Again (More Snow)
02.03.20Dramatic Sky
09.03.20Video: Snowy Night
09.03.20Video: Piano Recital
09.03.20Snowy Sidewalk
16.03.20Snowy Height
16.03.20Video: How About a Love Song? (Mrs McGillicuddy)
16.03.20Video: Disgruntled Birds
16.03.20Disgruntled Bird
23.03.20Video: Snowy Drive
23.03.20Railroad Tracks, Dubois, PA
23.03.20Dead Possum in the Middle of the Farm
30.03.20Video: How to Get the Dog's Frisbee Out of a Tree
30.03.20Photo Wall
30.03.20How to Stop Worrying, A Flow Chart
30.03.20Video: My Lord, What a Morning
30.03.20Scene from a Car Window
30.03.20Freight Train
30.03.20How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser, by Mrs Hoggett
06.04.20Another Checkerboard Sky
06.04.20Video: Another Chicken Movie
06.04.20Barn with Tractor
13.04.20Video: The Return of Chippy
13.04.20Watching the World
20.04.20At Luigi's
20.04.20Video: And Al Manner of Thyng Shal Be Wele
20.04.20The Kittens Are Loose
20.04.20Here, Kitty (Mrs Hoggett)
27.04.20Video: Moonrise
27.04.20Video: Good Friday Surprise
04.05.20Daffodils Spring Eternal
04.05.20Ninja Home Cinema Review: Things to Watch During the Zombie Apocalypse
04.05.20Video: Easter Gardens 2020
04.05.20Sparrow in April Snow
11.05.20Video: Bunny Appearance
11.05.20Daffodils Don't Quit
18.05.20Video: Birdwatching for Dummies
18.05.20Supercilious Chipmunk
25.05.20Video: Merrily the Bees Are Humming
25.05.20Shiloh Church
25.05.20Video: Late Afternoon Bird Feeder Blues
25.05.20Obligatory Cat: Being Mysterious (Mrs Hoggett)
01.06.20Video: This Weather Is for the Birds
01.06.20Video: Do the Snack Dance
08.06.20Apple Blossoms
15.06.20Video: Gloomy Sunday
15.06.20The World Is Too Much With Us
06.07.20Pigeon Post
13.07.20The Great Awoke-ening Is Here!
20.07.20Video: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
20.07.20It's a Sign: Sign of Summer
20.07.20Those Jungle Drums Are Driving Me Mad
20.07.20Squirrel Show Prizewinners
20.07.20Sunset Panorama (Kitkat)
20.07.20Mystery Flower of the Week
27.07.20Video: Learn Relativity with Fred the Squirrel
17.08.20Landscape with Arches
17.08.20Video: Bees in Clover
24.08.20Video: Rooster and Ladyfriends
31.08.20Well-Groomed Dog
31.08.20Catch of the Week (Mrs McGillicuddy)
31.08.20Video: Oriole Memory
31.08.20A-Moose-Ment (RandyL)
31.08.20Everyday Groundhog
31.08.20Roll On, River
31.08.20Sea and Sky (Mrs McGillicuddy)
07.09.20Fallow Field and Sky
07.09.20Mystery Flower of the Week
07.09.20Perfect Tomatoes
07.09.20Still Life with Cat
07.09.20Video: Duck!
14.09.20It's a Sign: Pet Food, Guns and Ammo
14.09.20Removing a Botfly Larva
14.09.20How to Crochet a Hexagonal Washcloth
14.09.20Video: Rodents Thinking Hard
21.09.20It's a Sign: Titusville Railroad
21.09.20Storm Coming
21.09.20Public Convenience, Rural Style
21.09.20It's a Sign: Rouseville, PA
21.09.20Video: Game of Throwns
28.09.20It's a Sign: Craftsmanship
28.09.20As Close as I'm Going to Get
28.09.20This Way to the Dance
28.09.20It's a Sign: Rabbits for Sale
28.09.20Take Me Home, Country Road
05.10.20Best Friends
05.10.20Late Summer Beauty
05.10.20Beware of Bird
05.10.20They're Not Politically Correct
05.10.20The Tale of the Cats and the Fish
05.10.20Cabbage White Polka
12.10.20Video: Alpaca Charm
12.10.20Video: Bears and Friends
19.10.20New Freedom Church
19.10.20Karma-Free Chameleon
19.10.20Water Birds
19.10.20Video: Low-Hanging Birds
26.10.20Video: X'Bert's Holiday Special
26.10.20Video: Black Walnut Season
02.11.20Autumn Dress
02.11.20Video: Roadside Sightings
02.11.20Fred the Squirrel in Action
09.11.20Claustrophobia in the Parking Lot
09.11.20Guest Poem: The Red Deer
09.11.20The Parade Passes By
09.11.20Video: Requiem for Remembrance Day
16.11.20Cherry Is Heroic
16.11.20Video: Then and Now
23.11.20Blue Moon Rising (Mrs Hoggett)
23.11.20Halloween Memories (Mrs Hoggett)
23.11.20What a Difference a Day Makes (Mrs Hoggett)
23.11.20Sunset Contrast
23.11.20Gobbler's Pride
23.11.20Video: Snow Birds
30.11.20Video: Time Travel Tips from X'Bert
07.12.20Right on Time: Christmas Cactus
07.12.20Stubborn Flowers
07.12.20Video: Grazing Rites
14.12.20Video: Come by Here
21.12.20Video: So They Tell Me, Annotated
21.12.20Video: Christmas Wish
21.12.20Obligatory Cats
28.12.20Information Access
28.12.20Magical Night Lighting
28.12.20Video: Christmas Light Show
28.12.20Obligatory Cats: New Kittens
04.01.21Creature Comforts
04.01.21Winter Winds Blow
04.01.21A Thing with Feathers
04.01.21Video: MacArthur's Architect
04.01.21Video: Clear the Track
11.01.21Musical Technique
11.01.21Jenga, Anyone?
11.01.21Obligatory Cat: Ready for Her Closeup
11.01.21Video: I Believe
18.01.21Musical Conspiracy Theory
18.01.21Summer Thoughts
18.01.21Video: Minuet
18.01.21Video: Dogs'n'Catz
25.01.21Overheard at the Embassy Reception
25.01.21Video: Shelter in the Storm
01.02.21Inside Joke of the Week
01.02.21Video: Theatre of Faceless People
01.02.21Video: Winter Reverie
08.02.21Superbowl Beginnings
08.02.21Midwinter Madness, as Performed by the US House of Representatives
08.02.21100 Seconds to Midnight
08.02.21Snow, Fog, and a Flag
08.02.21Video: Fog and Snow
15.02.21Sun and Snow
15.02.21Fluffy at Table
15.02.21Video: More Snow, Birds
15.02.211920s Theatre: The Experiment
22.02.21Video: Birds in Slow Motion
22.02.21Cartoon: Nosebleed Section
01.03.21Cryptic Message
01.03.21Tree Identification
01.03.21Battle of Germantown, 1777
01.03.21Video: Sheep Psalm
08.03.21Aphorisms for the Internet Age
08.03.21Video: Spring Thaw?
08.03.21Postcard from a Distant Planet
15.03.211920s Theatre: Walk Like an Egyptian
15.03.21Video: The History Beneath
15.03.21On Beyond Seuss
22.03.21Red Bank Creek
22.03.21Video: Monster on the Hill
22.03.21Twitter Report: Muzak from Hell
29.03.21Pennsylvania Snowdrops
29.03.21Video: Amazing Grace
29.03.21Feed Mill, Brookville
05.04.21Twitter Fun: Mocking Connecticut
05.04.21Crocuses (Mrs H)
05.04.21Spring Field (Mrs H)
05.04.21Video: Goats and Friends
05.04.21TJ's Got a Brand-New Bag
12.04.21I Think It's Raining (Mrs H)
12.04.21Video: Peeps A-Peeping
19.04.21The Dandelions (A Poem)
19.04.21Video: Sky in Motion
26.04.21The Road Goes Ever On
26.04.21Video: Barn Dance
26.04.21Big Chickens
26.04.21Daffodil Surprises
26.04.21Frogs in Water
26.04.21Green, Green
26.04.21Micah the Dog
03.05.21Love Is in the Air
03.05.21Another Natural Sculpture
03.05.21Lola's Spring Haircut
03.05.21Red the Cardinal
03.05.21Spring Violets
03.05.21Dogwood in Bloom
03.05.21Video: Carmen Flashback
27.02.23Video: Snowfall
06.03.23Video: h2g2 Looks at Wildlife, and Wildlife Looks Back
06.03.23It's a Sign: Not an Exit
13.03.23TJ Enjoying the Editor's Birthday
13.03.23Farm Sunset
20.03.23Video: Bugs'n'Slugs
27.03.23Video: Buster Keaton and the High-Tech House
03.04.23Video: h2g2 Flower Show
03.04.23Hen Egg, Duck Egg, Spoon
03.04.23Stop to Smell the Flowers
10.04.23Video: Signs of the Times
10.04.23Bluejay Fussing in Flowering Quince
24.04.23Video: Cats and Dogs
24.04.23Native PA Daffodils
01.05.23An Argument About Toads
01.05.23A Host, a Crowd
08.05.23Video: The Tired Bumblebee
15.05.23Video: Birds of Winter and Spring 2023
15.05.23Cute Moos
15.05.23Molly at the Window
15.05.23More Daffodils
22.05.23Video: Lavender and Bumblebees
22.05.23Pip's Kittens and the Doughnut
29.05.23Video: Birds and Bees
29.05.23The Poetry of the Rhododendron
29.05.23The Poetry of Lilacs
29.05.23Obligatory Cats: Pushing Their Luck
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