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This page contains the archives for

the Join the Q series by SashaQ

Date Subject
01.02.16 Logo
08.02.16 World of Q
15.02.16 Brony Tales
22.02.16 Stare at the Moon All Day
14.03.16 What I Did on My Holiday
28.03.16 Significant Objects
30.05.16 TowelQ's Towel Day Adventure
22.08.16 Summer Holiday Adventure
10.10.16 Summer Holiday...Revisited
06.02.17 Rise of the (Loom Knitting) Machine
13.03.17 Cleverbot vs Cleverbot
20.03.17 What do you find addicting? [Cleverbot]
03.04.17 The Cleverbot Doth Protest Too Much
17.04.17 Romancing the Cleverbot
24.04.17 Join the BBQ: ELIZA vs Cleverbot
15.05.17 Cleverbot Counseling
22.05.17 Testing Cleverbot
29.05.17 Sasha Goes Outside
10.07.17Join the BBQ Quiz
10.07.17Join the BBQ Quiz –
24.07.17Behind the Scenes with Cleverbot
31.07.17Isle of Wight Adventure
11.09.17Chasing Rainbows
25.09.17Do You Like Humans?
23.10.17On the Telephone
25.12.17Pondering Poetry
25.12.17It's a Sign! Back to the Supermarket
15.01.18My #200BirdYear
22.01.18At the Zoo
29.01.18Mobile Phones and Rainbows
05.02.18Happysad Is
12.02.18In the Supermarket Car Park
12.02.18The Hidden Job Market in the UK
19.02.18Of Rabbits and Supermoons
05.03.18Multimedia Extravaganza...Sort Of...
12.03.18Cloud Formation
12.03.18More Flowers and Love
19.03.18Camera Experiments
26.03.18More Multimedia Musing
26.03.18Video Magic: Melody in F
02.04.18More Camera Experiments
09.04.18Cleverbot aka The Lava is Not an Analogy
09.04.18Video: It's a Sin
16.04.18Video: Rent
23.04.18Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit
30.04.18Birdwatching at the Edge of the Earth
30.04.18It's a Sign: Enlightenment
07.05.18H2G2 Micro-Meet Report
14.05.18Ninja Book Review: Lord Oakburn's Daughters
21.05.18What a Difference Two Months Makes
28.05.18Signs of Spring, Part I
04.06.18Signs of Spring, Part II
11.06.18Yet More Camera Experiments
02.07.18In Which Sasha Does Some Art
09.07.18Rose Experiments
09.07.18Video: Beautiful Buzzards
16.07.18Meet Greenbottle
23.07.18They Should've Been an h2g2 Researcher: Lytton Strachey
23.07.18Couturier Extraordinaire
30.07.18Video: Hedgehog Fun
30.07.18Kudos to the Quail
06.08.18Gerbera Experiments
13.08.18Strongman Encounter
20.08.18Eastern Cottontail Bunny
27.08.18In Which Sasha Does Some More Art
03.09.18Adventures in Plasticine
10.09.18Q aka Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
10.09.18Video: Stylophone Serenade
08.10.18Good, I've Only Got Half an Hour
15.10.18Bird Onna Stick
22.10.18Potato Hamster
29.10.18Pensive Wall
29.10.18Friends, Family, and Magic
12.11.18It's a Sign: Dog Cakes
19.11.18The Document
26.11.18More Discord
10.12.18A Murmuration of Starlings (Photo)
10.12.18A Murmuration of Starlings (Video)
10.12.18Music and Discord (Video)
17.12.18Christmas Recap
17.12.18Video: Sprouts and Serendipity
24.12.18Christmas Lights
24.12.18A Phrygian Cap
31.12.18Modern Art for Mugs
31.12.18The Eye of Sauron is Watching You
31.12.182018 in the Edited Guide
21.01.19Bird Report
21.01.19Video: Feed the Birds, £4.99 a Bag
21.01.19Last Rose of Winter
28.01.19Cloudscape with Bird
28.01.19Video: Cat Meets Cube
28.01.19Q Furniture
04.02.19Sea View Revisited
04.02.19More Winter Colour
11.02.19I Heart Snow
18.02.19Join the Q: Mathematical Vegetables
25.02.19Video: A Celebration of Birds
25.02.19Join the Q: Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud
04.03.19Meet the Eggworm
11.03.19Messages for Mermaids
25.03.19Career Curiosities (1)
25.03.19Video: 2019 - A Whistled Space Odyssey
25.03.19Music for Mermaids
25.03.19Join the Q: Synchronised Swans A-Swimming
01.04.19Career Curiosities (2)
01.04.19When Does the TED Talk Begin?
08.04.19Career Curiosities (3)
08.04.19Join the Q: Discord and The Birds
15.04.19Career Curiosities (4)
15.04.19Join the Q: Supermoon Art
22.04.19Career Curiosities (5)
29.04.19Career Curiosities (6)
06.05.19Career Curiosities (7)
06.05.19More Moon Art
13.05.1920th Anniversary Quiz
13.05.1920th Anniversary Quiz: Answers
13.05.19Career Curiosities: Episode 8
13.05.19Where's Waldo? Seagull Edition
20.05.19h2g2 20th Anniversary Meet Memories
20.05.19Career Curiosities (9)
27.05.19Career Curiosities (10)
03.06.19Black-and-White: Birkenhead Priory
03.06.19Career Curiosities (11)
10.06.19Career Curiosities (12)
10.06.19Black-and-White: Landscape
17.06.19Black-and-White: Architectural
17.06.19Career Curiosities (13)
17.06.19Join the Q: My Bird Year
24.06.19Black-and-White: Jackdaw on Aerial
24.06.19Career Curiosities (14)
01.07.19Black-and-White: Rose
01.07.19Career Curiosities (15)
08.07.19Black-and-White: Water Droplet
08.07.19Career Curiosities (16)
15.07.19Black-and-White: Cat
15.07.19Career Curiosities (17)
22.07.19Black-and-White: Leaves
22.07.19Career Curiosities (18)
29.07.19Black-and-White: Allium
29.07.19Goose Stepping
29.07.19Career Curiosities (19)
05.08.19Black-and-White: Leaf Textures
05.08.19Career Curiosities (20)
12.08.19Black-and-White: Sheep May Safely Graze
12.08.19Career Curiosities (21)
19.08.19Black-and-White: Duck
19.08.19Career Curiosities (22)
19.08.19Join the Q: Wildlife Workshop
26.08.19Black-and-White: Radio City Tower, Liverpool
26.08.19Career Curiosities (23)
02.09.19Black-and-White: Flower Textures
02.09.19Career Curiosities (24)
09.09.19Career Curiosities (25)
16.09.19Join the Q: Mug Art
16.09.19Career Curiosities (26)
16.09.19Sheep May Safely Graze II
23.09.19Career Curiosities (27)
30.09.19Video: Wildlife Wonders
30.09.19Career Curiosities (28)
30.09.19Bull with Geese
30.09.19Landscape Management
07.10.19Video: Thing Plays Keyboard Again
07.10.19Career Curiosities (29)
07.10.19Packing Material
14.10.19Video: Etude with a Disco Beat
14.10.19Career Curiosities (30)
14.10.19Metallic Mosaic
21.10.19It's a Sign: Where Are We Going?
21.10.19Career Curiosities (31)
21.10.19Video: Pomp and Circumstance with a Disco Beat
28.10.19Bridge and Buzzard
28.10.19Looking Through the Telescope
28.10.19Career Curiosities (32)
28.10.19Video: Poeme with a Disco Beat
04.11.19Burton Mere
04.11.19Career Curiosities (33)
04.11.19Video: Capriccio Italien with a Disco Beat
11.11.19Career Curiosities (34)
11.11.19Video: Brahms with a Disco Beat
11.11.19Mimosa in Full Colour
18.11.19Career Curiosities (35)
25.11.19Mimosa Flowers
25.11.19Career Curiosities (36)
02.12.19Career Curiosities (37)
09.12.19Career Curiosities (38)
16.12.19Career Curiosities (39)
23.12.19Career Curiosities (40)
30.12.19Career Curiosities (41)
30.12.19Coal Tit
06.01.20Career Curiosities (42)
13.01.20Career Curiosities (43)
20.01.20Career Curiosities (44)
20.01.20Architectural Detail
27.01.20Career Curiosities (45)
27.01.20Bird Year Results
03.02.20Career Curiosities (46)
03.02.20Another Camera Experiment
10.02.20Career Curiosities (47)
17.02.20Career Curiosities (48)
17.02.20Reflection on Reflection
09.03.20Red Roses for my Darling
09.03.20It's a Sign - Health Magnets and Value Enjoyment
16.03.20Knot in Plank
23.03.20Gull in Flight
13.04.20Enjoying the Small Things
04.05.20Great Tits: The Birds, Not the Internet Search
11.05.20Planet Purple Sofa
11.05.20Long Shadow
18.05.20Hand Shadow
25.05.20Lava Lamp Perspective
01.06.20Bird Walk Discoveries
08.06.20View from Planet Sofa
08.06.20Another Butterfly Flutters By
08.06.20Carpet Beetle
22.06.20Video: Storm Cloud Incoming
29.06.20CogX 2020
06.07.20Spanish Eyes
13.07.20Join the Q: Discord and Pinkie Pie
20.07.20Sensible Spider
10.08.20Join the Q: Wet Meadow Walk
10.08.20Critters with Coins (2)
07.09.20White Moth
07.09.20Critters with Coins (3)
07.09.20Video: Lightning Flash
14.09.20Video: Thunder and Birds
21.09.20Shore Bird
21.09.20Critters with Coins (4)
28.09.20Pigeons in Flight
19.10.20Critters with Coins (5)
19.10.20It's a Sign: Brain Care
26.10.20Basket of Kitties
26.10.20Striking a Pose
16.11.20Critters with Coins (6) - Slug
23.11.20Royal Treat
23.11.20Rock Hyrax
23.11.20Join the Q: The Joy of Painting
30.11.20Framed Dragon
30.11.20Jellyfish Lanterns
07.12.20Profiles in Nature
07.12.20Join the Q: First Rose of Winter
07.12.20Foggy Evening Lamppost
28.12.20Join the Q: Christmas Greetings from the 19th Century
04.01.21Ships That Pass
04.01.21Mermaid Greeting
04.01.21Peekaboo Oystercatcher
11.01.21Duck Display
11.01.21Join the Q: #My200BirdYear 2020 - The Results
18.01.21Moggie and Maggie (Photoessay)
01.02.21Snowy Evening
08.02.21Moss and Snow
08.02.21Sneaky Gull
08.02.21Squadron of Curlews
08.02.21Peekaboo Curlew
15.02.21Join the Q: The Joy of Painting (II)
22.02.21Join the Q: CatBot ChatBot
01.03.21Geese in Formation
01.03.21Pink-Footed Geese
01.03.21Weather-Related Rorschach Test
08.03.21Critters with Coin 7
15.03.21Joy of Painting III
22.03.21Mountain Home Deja Vu
29.03.21Black-Backed Gulls in Flight
12.04.21More Pareidolia
12.04.21Wirral Robin
12.04.21A Celebration of Birds
19.04.21Little Doggie with Big Shadow
19.04.21A Celebration of Water
26.04.21Gull and Clouds
27.02.23Rainbow Mermaid
20.03.23Pareidolia with a Sweet Tooth
10.04.23Hula Hoop Malfunction
08.05.23Video: At the Sheep Farm
08.05.23Sheep Scene: Caption Challenge
08.05.23Spring at the Sheep Farm
08.05.23Through the Garden Gate
15.05.23Bejewelled Leaf
29.05.23When Time Stood Still
12.06.23Over to You: A Picture Challenge
10.07.23Lovely Weather for Ducks (Video)
17.07.23Drinking the Rain (Video)
31.07.23Snipe in Moss (Video)
31.07.23At the Zoo 2
21.08.23Fascinating Family History
11.09.23Aerial Photograph
11.09.23Spot the Birdie
18.09.23Ragwort Banquet
02.10.23Dragonfly Delight
02.10.23The Eye of Sauron is Tired
02.10.23Bee Banquet
09.10.23Teal Bathtime
09.10.23Sunset Over the Danube
16.10.23Squirrel Mission Impossible
30.10.23Join the Q: Aurora Borealis
30.10.23Two Tribes
30.10.23Cattle Egret Pony Ride
30.10.23Resourceful Rat
30.10.23At the Cow Farm
06.11.23It's a Sign - Sasha's Smartphone
06.11.23Beautiful Burton Mere
06.11.23Scenic Birdwatching
13.11.23Season of Mists, Mellow Fruitfulness, and Cobwebs
20.11.23Abstract on the Theme of Joy at Seeing a Goldcrest
20.11.23Moss and Mushrooms
27.11.23Lit Ladybird
04.12.23Crow Action Shot
04.12.23Starling Sunset
11.12.23Shovelers Shovelling (Video)

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