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I have mentioned before about the temptation to stare at the moon all day so when Galaxy Babe mentioned 31 January would be a Blue Supermoon, I hoped I would see it.

Not everyone was lucky with the weather - some of my friends reported thick cloud and even rain at the time when the moon was at its most impressive. There were a few clouds around here, but I fetched my new camera and decided to see what I could do to capture the scene. The photo of the moon shining through the clouds looked impressively atmospheric. However, I was very pleased to find that the clouds cleared for a while - just long enough for me to work out how to put the camera in the right mode to take a picture of the full moon in all its glory.

Soon after that, the clouds moved in again and it started to rain.

Super blue moonSuper blue moon with cloudsSheep with a blue hat
Teardrop bunnySilver blossom bunnyRabbit Tu's

When I was back indoors in the warmth, thinking about the moon led me to think about mythologies involving the moon. At the Lady Lever Museum recently I heard the Chinese tales about the hare/rabbit in the moon, and learned how to draw the Chinese symbol for 'rabbit', so that led my thinking to the Chinese Zodiac.

My Zodiac animal is the Sheep/Goat, so I have a bit of an affinity for sheep - in particular I like knitting sheep out of wool. My late partner's Zodiac animal is the Rabbit, so over the years my soft toy sheep have been joined by soft toy rabbits of various kinds (fortunately, they are compatible according to the Chinese Zodiac).

Two particular rabbits are my favourites. The Teardrop Bunny used to sit with my partner when she was on the computer, and now sits with me. The Blossom Bunny looked at me in a shop one day. When I picked it up off the shelf it was unbelievably soft and silky, so I couldn't leave it there and had to bring it home with me. Blossom sits on the sofa and enjoys being petted while I watch TV or daydream.

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