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Posted: 19th February 2018

Cabin Fever: The Planet Has It

An alien baby wondering at the universe from its crib It's still February, and although we get a few sunny days now and again to get outside and away from the four walls, a lot of it is bleak and conducive to cabin fever, at least in the northern hemisphere. No wonder everybody is silly on the internet. It also might explain why we increasingly turn our eyes to the heavens in search of visual stimulation and hopeful ideas. We haven't been disappointed lately.

  • Mr Elon Musk and his spaceflight company have gratified h2g2ers beyond measure by finally pointing out that a 'Don't Panic!' in large, friendly letters is something no Starman should leave home without.
  • The arrival in our star system of the whirling pencil that is Oumuamua is inspiring the planet's artists and musicians. The Daydream Journal is collectively off its medication, and we expect inspirational Stuff any day now.

It's no wonder we feel like the starchild in the crib: beautiful things are out there. Someday, some of those beautiful things may be us. In the meantime, we will continue to do what we do best: describe life on our little planet. In this issue, we have amazing photos, cool stories, and all the usual things you've come to expect from a jam-packed Post issue. Let's give you a rundown:
Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty getting ready to bat Lola the doglet because frankly, Lola is being annoying and getting far too close to Molly's Box, which is perimeter-protected.
  • To begin with, the quizzes are fewer in number, alas, due to Bluebottle taking some time off. But we urge all you musical people to try the Post Quiz, anyway: we think you'll enjoy this one, and it's much easier than those brain-teasers Icy North comes up with.
  • Our humour is just as lame as usual. Blame the weather.
  • Awix, on the other hand, is in top form. You won't want to miss his review of the latest porn epic, though you might want to give the film a wide berth. When I asked him if he was going to go and see Peter Rabbit, he said something about having some standards, which we found reassuring after this week's offering.
  • We, on the other hand, have exquisite taste in films…read the Ninja Film Review of the classic Hootenanny a Go-Go, if you don't believe us. (You may want the porn back.)
  • Willem is ready to tell you what an oribi is, and to show you one. See? You can learn things. And it doesn't hurt a bit.
  • The photography in this issue ranges from breathtaking vistas, to out-of-this-world skyscapes, to…frankly, things we wouldn't have believed without photographic evidence. French people and dogs get very confused in some of these pics. You really have to see them. Then tell us what you think.
  • Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty in full fighting mode. Those paws really fly.
  • Various people answer the question, 'How do we spread the love?' SashaQ shows us how a toothbrush holder can be a humble symbol with a much deeper meaning. Minorvogonpoet speculates fictionally on the connection between romance and love for the planet (and adds to the mermaid lore around here).
  • The Editor exorcises some fictional demons with 'Boring as the Weather Report'. No animals or firemen were injured in the making of this mishmash.

There, that's the rundown. Go and admire. Find out who's been playing office jokes, and learn more about photography. Read, giggle, remember that you've owed us that review/anecdote/photo essay for the last six months, and email it to the Post.

In the brief intervals of sunshine, run outside and enjoy. Don't forget protective clothing. Remember to look up at the heavens and rejoice. In other words, have a great week!
Lola the Doglet wearing her rad new black-and-white jumper with the skull-and-crossbones. Lola's a badass.
Lola in biker mode, ready to take on cats

Dmitri Gheorgheni



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