February 2018 Create Challenge: Spreading the Love

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Create February 2018: Spreading the Love

Create February: Spreading the Love

For some reason, Valentine's Day has degenerated into a celebration of romantic and sexual relationships. Which was not what it was originally about. Valentine's Day should celebrate all kinds of love. So this month, we ask you to write about spreading love: love for our fellow creatures, love for the planet, love for strangers, the needy, and those who are unloved in this world.

  • Can you think of someone who showed love for others in their life? Tell us about people you know or admire, or people from history. You can send an essay to the Post, or write up a Guide Entry. We'd like to hear.
  • Have you ever been involved in spreading love where you live? Tell us what you did. Include pictures, if you have them.
  • What needs to be done to generate more love in this world? Share your ideas. You might want to write a poem or song, or create an image.

It may not be true that 'all you need is love'. It probably takes some planning, organisation, and elbow grease. But love is definitely the start! Let's make February part of the Winter of Love!


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