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The View from My Window: The Wide Vista

A wide vista showing rolling hills and valleys, an orange-tinted sky, and a gas balloon floating above the hills

As I mentioned before the view from my window can be quite variable, and as I have been requested to write this, I would like it to be as helpful as I can and to cover a variety of subjects.

Fortunately nature if nothing else provides plenty to grab our attention, so today I would like to show you a wide vista landscape. It is a simple picture, nothing very complicated, but it has some interesting elements, and it reminded me of the advantage of carrying a camera on a walk.

Walking is a great stimulus to a photographer: there is no telling what you may find, and it helps to keep you fit. This particular landscape attracted my attention for several reasons. The first thing was the balloon in the distance. The fact it is not a hot air balloon is quite unusual and good to see, it took me a few minutes to realize it was a gas balloon. Even at the distance there are two things that give it away. The first is it completely round, and the other is there is no gas burner hanging over the basket. Quite a rarity these days, so it not a chance to pass up.

As the balloon was moving at a very sedate pace there was plenty of time to plan the shot, what is attractive in this view is there are seven distinct layers. I like layers in a landscape, as they create depth and so they pull the viewers eye into the image. I did not however count the layers, or analyse the image in detail before I pressed the shutter button. If it looks good, the chances are it will be good, and remember – if in doubt take several shots!

The bonus in this shot is the unusual subtle orange tint to the sky. The orange also tints the balloon and the hills on the horizon. The next two layers are a slate blue, but making things look even better, there is a small pocket of mist trapped between the hills.

In the next layer were the trees that are a mixture of greens and browns all touched with a slight blue tinge. The brighter patch of light green grass in front, this helps to separate the trees and grass in the foreground from the darker trees in the background.

The last section is an unploughed field, and this makes the trees stand out and does not distract the viewer from the main part of the picture.

If you are someone who enjoys photography, then carrying your camera with you is always a good idea. That is the only reason that this photograph exists. So at least try to get into the habit, even if it is a small pocket camera.

How often do you look at your old work? If you look at your photographs and find what makes them great to you, and it really does help you get used to your camera.

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