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This page contains the archive for the
View from My Window articles written by bobstafford which have appeared in The Post.

A wide vista landscape with a balloon

12.02.18 Daydream Images
19.02.18 The Wide Vista
26.02.18 Moving Hovercraft
05.03.18 Choosing a Digital Camera
12.03.18 Symmetry
12.03.18 Meet Phoenix the Cat
19.03.18 A Little Red Dragon
26.03.18 The Grey Squirrel
02.04.18 Falling Away
02.04.18 Meow from France
09.04.18 Frames Add Interest
16.04.18 Tigers Are Kitties, Too
23.04.18 A Fete in Rural France
23.04.18 Wake Up to the Potential of Telephoto Lenses
23.04.18 Whiskey and Soda
7.05.18 Panoramic Landscapes
28.05.18 Panoramic Landscapes II
28.05.18 A Bird in the Bush
04.06.18 Time Exposure
23.07.18 Now, That is What I Call a Shed
06.08.18 Get Back on the Plane
01.10.18 Words and Picture: The Cloud
01.10.18 Sleeping Beauty
08.10.18 Beauty in Repose
08.10.18 Words and Picture: Sunset
15.10.18 Fields of Vision
22.10.18 Don't Be Put Off By Taking Images in a Short Time!
29.10.18 Suzie Q Ferguson's Bird Book
05.11.18 France for Frenchie
05.11.18 You Can See Forever
19.11.18 Paws for Thought
26.11.18 I See You
03.12.18 Albert
17.12.18 Solar Mystery
24.12.18 Godwits
31.12.18 When Even the Moon is Young
07.01.19 Another One for Suzie Q's Bird Book
14.01.19 Low Bridge, Everybody Down
14.01.19 Fireworks
21.01.19 Suzie Q's Favourite Village
28.01.19 Perfect Landscape
04.02.19 Parking Spot
11.02.19 Mystery House
18.02.19 Ginger Cat Coincidence
18.02.19 Making a Splash
25.02.19 Up and Away
25.02.19 Elegy in a Churchyard
11.03.19 Natural Colours
11.03.19 Sun Surprise
18.03.19 Symmetry
18.03.19 Supertree
01.04.19 Reflections Again
01.04.19 Shoot the Moon
08.04.19 Old and New
15.04.19 Outstanding Tree
15.04.19 Scenic Parking
22.04.19 Budding Scheme
22.04.19 Stream of Consciousness
29.04.19 Fancy a Stroll?
06.05.19 How Many Dollops of Cat?
06.05.19 The Road Less Travelled
13.05.19 Window Wonder
20.05.19 bobstaffords' Black-and-White Challenge
20.05.19 There's That Cat Again
27.05.19 Down the Road I Go
27.05.19 I'm Ready for My Closeup
03.06.19 bobstaffords' Black-and-White Challenge (II)
01.07.19 Black-and-White: Running Cat
08.07.19 Black-and-White: Grain
22.07.19 Black-and-White: Cloud Shadows
29.07.19 Black-and-White: Waterfall
12.08.19 Black-and-White: Ancient Greek Legos
19.08.19 Black-and-White: Back to Glastonbury Tor
26.08.19 Black-and-White: Curious Squirrel
02.09.19 Black-and-White: Duc de Mayenne
09.09.19 Black-and-White: Resting Lion
30.09.19 Black-and-White: Church and Village
30.09.19 Meet Bela
04.11.19 Another Tower
11.11.19 Parking
18.11.19 High Bridge
25.11.19 Just One Cow
02.12.19 Roadside Sight
09.12.19 Townscape
16.12.19 Another Church
23.12.19 Merry-Go-Round
30.12.19 Landscape
06.01.20 Log Pile
13.01.20 Boating the Hard Way
20.01.20 Spires
27.01.20 Hayfield
27.01.20 Obligatory Cat
03.02.20 Wood Stack
03.02.20 Obligatory Cat: Comfy
10.02.20 Another Field
10.02.20 Brilliant Light
17.02.20 Landscape Puzzle
17.02.20 Weird Fruit
24.02.20 Tree Wonder
24.02.20 Silhouettes
02.03.20 Rooftops and Trees
02.03.20 Four Views
09.03.20 Flower Glory
09.03.20 Pathway
09.03.20 Sunset
16.03.20 Portrait or Landscape?
16.03.20 Walking Woman
23.03.20 Somewhere in France
23.03.20 Natural Moment
06.04.20 Knotty Problem
13.04.20 Isolation
13.04.20 Window
20.04.20 Socially Distancing Cows
20.04.20 Cats
27.04.20 Spring Is Looking Up
27.04.20 Tree, House, Wall
04.05.20 Obligatory Cat: Ready for the Circus
04.05.20 Pedestrian
11.05.20 By the Lake
18.05.20 Echo of Yesteryear
18.05.20 Strange Landscape
25.05.20 Empty Street
25.05.20 Mystery Sky
06.07.20 Lakehouse

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