The View from My Window: Daydream Images

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The View from My Window: Daydream Images

A country road

The view from my window can be quite variable and most of the time cluttered with cats of various shapes and size.

I admit I am very fond of all aspects of photography, and landscape and historical photography in particular.

This particular photograph is one of my favourite sort I call daydream images. I still can't quite explain why: I think it's about setting out on a new journey, in this case the spring countryside.

A country road in the early spring always seems full of promise, opening up ahead of you and tempting you to go further, especially in an MG open two seat sports car under a blue sky. Although this road is very inviting, it also keeps your interest owing to the bends in the road it keeps you guessing showing no hint of the journeys end. It seems to be deliberately providing you giving no idea of where it is taking you. It is very pleasing with the black and white sun and shadow effect on the road. This light effect is not that common, and to see this effect, it's very much a case of being in the right place at the right time.

It is the trees that make this composition interesting, the two tall trees on the left tower the others. Tall trees of this type always remind me of Tolkien's wild wood. The forest on either side of the road are deep and packed with wildlife of all types.

As it is early in the year some of the trees on the left are only just starting to make the year's new foliage. Now their slender white trunks stand out against the background. The brown branches only just showing the green of the new years growth, that in a few weeks will completely cover the trees with bright fresh leaves. Its always the variety of the shades of green that make woodland come alive, and there are also red tones and some hints of blue.

In this view the road disappears in the foreground and reappears in the middle distance. It is also interesting to see the road surface is lower than the floor of the woodland, a possible result of considerable use over the years. It makes you wonder just how old the road is, but it did not achieve this width until fairly recently due to the demands of today's traffic. The only problems that this type of woodland road can have, is the strong shadow and light variation. This can cause some people problems: the flashing effect could bring on such things as headaches and eye strain, so just be careful driving in these conditions.

There are roads like this in many places in the countryside of Europe, and the UK has some wonderful woodland to explore. But the Americas have some truly spectacular forests, if anyone has any photos to share, send a link1.

Note – Drivers, please remember: do not be tempted to take photographs from a moving car. The passenger(s) however may, if they do not distract the driver.

Please remember it is easier to take an excellent photograph if you stop and get out of the car.

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