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Meet Phoenix the Cat

Phoenix the little black cat by bobstafford

A short and curious little story about a little black cat named Phoenix.

Looking through a local web site offering things for sale we came across an advertisement asking for someone to help a cat find a home. A couple had come to settle near us and their plans had not worked out, so they had to return home. Their problem was they had a cat and they could not take it back with them, (more of that later) so they were looking for a new home for her.

After a few days thinking we decided to e-mail them, just to find out you know how it is, don't you? He phoned. Big problems regarding the cat. Two big problems had stopped them taking her back with them! They thought she was too old to take back, being over 10 years old, and she did not like the trip here. So, they wanted to find her a home.

So the next question was: where are you, the other side of the world? He replied "Yes, Australia," I said, 'The Australia? The one with the 6-foot tall jumping mice?' He said, yep! She would not take the trip: she hated the flight to Europe, and nobody here wants her as she is getting old, also the vet said she would hate the plane trip and at her age it's not fair. Apart from her age, she is fit and well, but she desperately needs a new home. It was a bit of a rush: we did not meet them, as they had to fly home the day before we collected her.

So guess what: we got another cat! After a week of growling and sorting out the question of who's boss (the others just kept clear and left her in peace), everything is fine, and the cats are all fine. And she can hopefully have the warm happy life she deserves, with an extended family for company, which she seems to like.

Her owners did care, and e-mails and photographs have been exchanged, and they do miss her. I think she is happy: plenty of food, and the photograph is Phoenix in her favorite bed, with her favorite black cat toy. She knows she is home and looks quite content.

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