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Posted: 12th March 2018

h2g2's (Non)Sense of Snow

A melting snow sculpture. That picture shows a melting snow sculpture done by Cactuscafé's Significant Other. CC says he's into 'transient art'. There was a lot of that recently in the UK. We hope you all survived more or less intact. Kudos to those medical h2g2ers who, we understand, went above and beyond the call of duty, sleeping in motels, other people's bedsits, and even the children's ward playroom, just to make sure everybody had care. We love you folks. And thanks for sending us these cool pictures so that we all know what snow looks like.

What's that? Oh, we actually had sunny weather in Pennsylvania for a few days. Thanks for asking.

What else is in the news? Zaphod Beeblebrox won an Academy Award last week. He probably thinks it was about time, but didn't they promise him a ride on that jet ski with Eccentrica Gallumbits? Hm. Snark on the Announcement threads continues to baffle the Core Team, though the Editor plotted revenge. As I told SashaQ, I have an organ in my house, and I am not afraid to use it. Various people grew older (including the Editor), and the northern hemisphere crept a little closer to spring. You just gotta have faith.

Last week, I warned you that this week's issue would be even weirder than last week's. What you see as you scroll down this page will confirm the fact that I wasn't lying. Here are some of the high points of a bizarre cornucopia of offerings:
Snow in Exeter by Cactuscafe.

  • Cats: we gotz 'em. A North American bobcat from Willem and an Australian/British immigrant kitty over at bobstafford's house. Enjoy.
  • Fiction: we have that, too. Rejoice, zombie fanz! The second part of 'Reality BiteZ' is here for your enjoyment, and to allow me to use all those extra 'z's' the Post has lying about. Also, FWR proves that no Writing Right column is too ridiculous to serve as inspiration for our authors. Check out 'Drivel, Fridges, and Stuff'. You'll chuckle.
  • Video: In our quest to be multimedia, we have two video pieces this week. One is Art (my story, and I'm sticking to it). The other is a quiz. See if you can name the tunes.
  • Photography: From the breathtaking sight of a spectacular bridge shot to an inspiring cloud formation, we've got photos to admire.
  • Cinema: Awix liked the movie, so we figure he's pretty happy about the Oscars. Find out why smart women are dating fish this year.
  • Humour: Speaking of fish, and dating…yes, there's a mermaid hiding in this issue. Go and find it after you're finished 'oohing' at the kitties. There's also some rather naughty art, just to make up for having to censor FWR's story to get it past the filther…just read the Stuff, okay? It's like what my mom said to my dad about the fruit from the tin with the Chinese writing on it, 'Try it, dear, you'll like it.'

When you're done reading, leave comments so I don't have to listen to the writers complain. Send your own Stuff to the Post. Get out for a walk, weather permitting, and see what's going on in your vicinity. If you don't, you might miss all the bunnies, like the one that's running around my backyard lately. Take your mobile on the walk: you know why, and you know our email address.

Have a great week out there! Come back for more nonsense next week!

Polar Bear Hiding in Yorkshire House Plant by Prof Animal Chaos
How Cold Is It in Yorkshire?
By Prof Animal Chaos

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