Post Quiz: A Little Night(mare) Music

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Post Quiz: A Little Night(mare) Music

This quiz was inspired by Freewayriding.

Impresario Hubertus von Lichtenstein-Falkenhoven has fallen asleep by the grammophone, which has a futuristic randomeriser, because we can make up anything we want. His records are all mixed up (and scratchy). Can you name the ten tunes that are messing with his dreams? We don't want to know what that opera's called. (The one that's now going on in his tousled head.)

Click here to listen, or if you're in Pliny, click on the embedded video. Take notes. If you don't know the exact name of the piece, write down 'that thing they always play when the heroine is tied up at the railroad tracks,' or some such. Then click on the picture below for the answers.

Come on, a little classical music never hurt anyone.

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