Don't Be Put Off By Taking Images in a Short Time!

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Don't Be Put Off By Taking Images in a Short Time!


Just a simple exercise to improve your reactions and enable you to take a series of shots in a short period of time.

The relevance will be the overused term of Action Photography, with an extension.

All you will need a camera with a motorised shutter and auto aperture and focus, but this is about taking a batch of separate images one at a time but quickly. Why? There are some subjects that are changing before your eyes: animals, children, sports and weather. It is useful to be ready and be confident when the need arises.


The photographs in this entry were taken in difficult conditions. Low light, Wind causing movement and variable light. Normally things will normally better, and daylight will helpful. If you can develop this skill and are reasonably observant, you should create a lot more opportunities for interesting action photographs. The examples were deliberately taken at sunset with extremes of light and dark.

To start with the camera was hand held, a middle of the road affordable 4 year old Fuji.
There was a strong gusting wind, the clouds moving from left to right and causing movement of the trees, add that there were also very dark and light areas. This should have caused several problems regarding focus and exposure. The results speak for themselves and shows you should always give it a try; it is the fun part of photography.

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