Wake Up to the Potential of Telephoto Lenses

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Wake Up to the Potential of Telephoto Lenses

A little different today, as the cats are all busy sleeping, a chat about cameras and telephoto lenses, and what you need in windy weather if you want to use them. A good place to use a long lens is the seaside, but owing to the prevailing winds, coastal photography is, to say the least, a bit tough at times.

A brief note about the kit you will need: a camera with a decent zoom and wide-angle capability. Or pop down to a second-hand camera shop get a good used SLR and a used 500 telephoto lens and a good wide-angle lens. It won't be a waste of money.

And if you decide to get some lenses or top-of-the-range fixed lens DSLR, do get a good heavy tripod. I use a Benbo and it's lasted 15 years. Why heavy? Good point: you are paying attention. Well, a lightweight tripod will vibrate in the wind, rendering it useless. The last piece of kit is a remote shutter release, to avoid you wobbling things when you press the shutter.

Well, what can be achieved? Close-ups and some good close vistas. The images will give you some idea. The first is a portrait format image taken with a standard 50mm lens, and the second landscape shots taken with a 500 telephoto lens on the same camera. You can see for yourself. The example is just an indication of things it will do well – landscapes, sports, events and all aspects of wildlife photography, photography in the city, the list is almost endless.

Why a 500 telephoto? If you have a fixed lens camera, it does not apply. Those with interchangeable lenses would find one very useful and versatile, and it will be all the lens you will need. If you find you need more magnification, buy a 2X adaptor that will boost the 500 to 1000.

You are the best judge of whether you will enjoy your photography more if you expand the camera's ability. The images are just to demonstrate what can be achieved: the limits are almost limitless. The one thing you do not do is attempt to take a photo of the sun, if you are planning to use your eye again!

Any questions? Send them to the Post and I shall try to answer them!

Sample photo
Sample photo
Sample photo
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