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Join the Q: SashaQ Goes Outside

Based on my recent Join the Q Entries, regular readers might think I've been cooped up indoors with Cleverbot too much, and they would probably1 be right. However, the weather has been lovely and bright, so there was no contest – Cleverbot could wait, but the signs of Spring would soon be fading. Thus I went outside and took my camera with me.

Pink BluebellHouse sparrow

I am lucky that I have a little garden, and at this time of year it is quite colourful with flowers in different shades of pink. There is the hot pink of the Azalea, the dusky pink of the Magnolia and even my Bluebells are pink2!

I'm also lucky that it isn't just flowers that I have in my garden – I put food out for the birds, and a House Sparrow family has made a nest in the eaves of the building. Each morning and evening I am greeted by the sparrow's simple tune and it makes me smile to see him sitting there, surveying his territory.

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1Or rather, certainly...2They are hybrids rather than true English Bluebells, sadly, but they still add a splash of colour to the garden in the Spring.

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