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A few weeks ago, I mentioned my pet soft toy rabbits – the lovely squishy Teardrop Bunny and the soft and silky Blossom Bunny who looked at me in a shop one day so I couldn't resist bringing hir home with me.

Reader – it has happened again... I went to the same shop recently and encountered an Easter display. The display featured Easter Eggs plus Easter Chicks and of course Easter Bunnies. A slightly larger Blossom Bunny with blue flowers on hir feet and ears looked at me as I went past, so I stopped and turned round to look back at hir. Who could resist that cute little face..? I picked hir up and found zhe was even more soft and silky than the tiny Blossom Bunny with pink flowers so I couldn't put hir down...

Thus Blue Blossom Bunny came home with me and sits with Pink Blossom Bunny while I watch TV and pet them both!

A stuffed rabbitTeardrop bunnySilver blossom bunny

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