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March 2016 Create/Join the Q: Significant Objects

A bunny.

This month's Create theme really resonated with me, as I feel I am quite well defined by my objects, although some of them are more significant to me than others.

I have things like books and DVDs that I have enjoyed, so I keep them in my collection as reminders of that, even though I'm not always likely to look at them more than once (things that I didn't like very much, so definitely wouldn't look at again, I give away so as not to fill up my collection too much).

I have a collection of toys ranging from ones I used to enjoy playing with so I keep them in my collection as reminders of that, to toys that have a smaller meaning but I keep them because it makes me happy to know they are there. Examples of the former are my My Little Ponies, and examples of the latter are soft toys that I don't often cuddle but I know they are particularly soft to touch, or funny ones that make me smile like the Eeyores that featured in my caption challenge.

And then of course I have objects that do have very special meaning because of the people they are associated with. I have artwork from my sister and other family and friends on the walls of my flat and I have letters and cards from friends and relatives that I have received over the years. Most importantly, I have the letters and cards from my relationship, plus the gifts that my partner gave to me over the years such as the cufflinks I photographed, as well as a few other lovely mementos that I was given to remember her by. In particular, I had a soft toy bunny that was very velvety to touch, so I happily kept it in my collection for a few years. When I learned that my partner's birth year was the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, the little bunny was the perfect gift for me to give her, as it meant a lot to me, so it meant a lot to me to give it to her to enjoy too. Now bunny has come back to me and we think about the good times together.

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