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Posted: 28th March 2016


Students studying in a medieval-looking place that isn't really medieval. Studious. That's us. We research, travel, ask questions. We investigate. And we write. Boy, do we write. (Sometimes, we take pictures, too.) That's why h2g2 is your go-to place for knowledge about Life, the Universe, and Everything. Or, as the students might say, Nihil tam difficile est quin quaerendo possit investigari.

So what do we have for you this week? Awix is back with challenging cinema (especially for music lovers). Willem will challenge your ability to avoid shrieking, 'Gah! Not another bug!' (He helps us get over our aversion to such things, and remember that not everything is adorable and furry. Give some love to those crickets, too.) We enlighten you as to what is and isn't illegal in Singapore, just in case you're heading that way.

Minorvogonpoet was out in that neck of the woods recently, though she didn't break any laws. Instead, she visited a sultan (we are suitably impressed) and watched a solar eclipse from his lawn. We told you h2g2ers get around.

They have interesting historical connections, too. bobstafford shares a tale from World War II, a family story of courage with the medals to prove it. We are grateful. SashaQ has a story about artefacts, as well. It's all part of Create's March challenge to share significant objects from your lives. Only a couple of days left in this month, but you're welcome to share your photos and stories with us. We'll still publish them, even if it's April already.

Speaking of April, a new challenge will be issued, and it won't be an April Fool's joke. It will only sound like one. Once you've stopped chuckling, go find us some material. We live to read this Stuff.

What else do we have? Cactuscafé has another amazing short-short story. Galaxy Babe talks music and space. Nigel and the aliens test the replicator, and there are monks: one with a pet cat (ancestor of the Cheezburger Kitty, no doubt), and one with a very overdue book.

Read, comment, ratiocinate, get to work. It's all about the narrative(s). Which means yes, you have to help caption Sasha's stuffed animal photo. It's a challenge for your inventiveness.

And keep studying this week! There may be a test.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • African Mole Cricket by Willem.
  • A stuffed Eeyore by SashaQ



  • Military Cross and France Star.
  • Eclipse watching in Indonesia.


  • Create April Challenge.

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