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One day when I was about 12, my schoolfriends asked me what I would like to be when I grew up. My answer was that I would like to work with Yves Saint Laurent. Since that day I discovered more of a talent for maths than art1, so my youthful dream never materialised. However, looking at my hobbies over the years, I have done more fashion design than I thought.

I have often designed dresses for my darling as thought experiments, choosing almost-impossible material to create gowns that were perfect in my mind. One was inspired by flowers, so it had a brown velvet bodice with a cream skirt and short sleeves that had the silky texture of petals. Another was long and flowing emerald gossamer-like silk, and a third was inspired by the song 'Lady in Red'.

On a more practical level, I occasionally make clothes for dolls. Tissue paper made a pleasing robe for a blonde-haired Barbie, while forest green cotton made an attractive dress for a redhead (although those models were too shy to step on to the catwalk for photos).

First on to the catwalk this evening is a Barbie who was born wearing purple lipstick. Doesn't she look lovely in her slinky knitted purple dress? Next we see a blonde curly-haired Barbie wearing the same style of dress, but in the red colour way. This is her evening look. For the daytime she wears a striped blue tunic top and navy blue trousers. Please welcome Pocahontas Barbie to the catwalk - she is wearing a classic 'Little Black Dress' brightened up with yellow ribbons. And for the finale of the show, as always, here is the bridal outfit. The model with long blonde hair looks very elegant in the simple yet chic lacy white shift dress with pastel accents.

Purple Barbie, Blonde Barbie in Red and Blue, Pocahontas Barbie and Bride Barbie

I'm not likely to make my fortune from fashion at that rate2, but it is good fun!

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1Although the two are linked.2Although a charity shop made a few pounds by selling my Barbie muses and their outfits.

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