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Posted: 23rd July 2018

Blinding Us with Science

Country Lane Impressionism by Dmitri GheorgheniThe science of observation: much in evidence around h2g2. What we learn, we use. And what we learn, we share. That's our motto around here: recording our observations of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Lots to learn from and enjoy in this week's jam-packed issue of the h2g2 Post.

With summer in full spate in the northern hemisphere, and Willem on treks through the South African bush (and researching our ancient biological past), there's lots to see and learn about in nature. First, Willem expands our vocabulary yet again by teaching us what Burnetiamorphs are all about. Okay, he sent me the email saying, 'Here's another article of prehistoric puppies.' You'll enjoy this gallery. And that's just the beginning.
STOP PRESS NEWS! Minorvogonpoet literally stopped the presses, since the presses are the Editor's typing fingers, and they had to stop and click a few more mouseclicks to load this late-breaking political report from London. I'd been begging people to send me demo pics, and MVP was our reporter on the spot! Read about it here! This issue is YUGE, as Mr Sanders would say.

  • Prof Animal Chaos was involved in animal rescue. No rhinos. Instead, some adorable lagomorphs popped up in Yorkshire. Read and admire.
  • Paigetheoracle provides us with a Suzie Q Ferguson moment this week. He sent us a very large jellyfish. We don't know any more than that, and arguments have already broken out within the Core Team concerning authenticity‚Ķ.join the debate.
  • I get ironic this week about the US National Park Service and their anthropocentric take on 'witness trees'. Read my poem and we can talk about it.
  • People have been out and about. bobstafford made a delightful discovery. Freewayriding hasn't seen these pictures yet, but he's sure to ooh and aah over the automotive find. The rest of you, take note: Bob can take a much better picture of a hilly street than the Post Editor.
  • The Post Editor, on the other hand, is into action film directing these days. This week, you get to enjoy Paws of Fury, the movie that proves that Chuck Norris has nothing on these pussycats. Bring your own popcorn.
  • SashaQ has ventured into fashion design. You will be wowed by the new runway show.
  • Molly and TJ
  • Freewayriding had a science fiction moment in his wife's car. Cue the 'Twilight Zone' theme: he has photographic proof that the AIs are taking over.
  • Awix has been to the cinema, and we are relieved that there were no exploding skyscrapers. There appear to be superheroes, however.
  • We've got quizzes, humour, cartoons, fiction, essays, and a new feature called 'They Could Have Been an h2g2 Researcher' by SashaQ. Perhaps you'd care to nominate someone. Tell Sasha. This week's entrant is certainly deserving.
Lola and TJ
So, kick back on a summer day, relax, and read the h2g2 Post. Leave comments, plot revenge. Take your tablet to the beach, just don't get sand on us. Have a great week, and don't think about football or politics.

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