Independence from My Mind

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Independence from My Mind

Create July 2018 by Freewayriding

Hi DG, Happy Independence day...traitor!

Having trouble switching off again!

Independence....from my mind!

No sleep again last night, my brain insisted on throwing up weird scenarios and plots for daft stories (again). In a far off future, archaeologists find a cemetery and decide fake boob implants must mean the female primitives were a warrior race, sporting synthetic body armour....lip and cheek implants designed to make these amazons look ferocious.....a whole fake history written because of twenty first century vanity. Plastic trout-lipped Valkyries the new mermaids? A fantasy fashion romp?

Breakfast. News runs loops of World Cup hopes (again), and Russian nerve agents hiding in litter bins in Wiltshire (again)....has Porton Down developed a virus that makes English footballers...well..good? Or an agent that turns the Germans, Argentinians, Portuguese and Spanish into crap's coming home. Can the NHS (now in its 70's) cope with all the heart attacks if England lift the World Cup?

Spot of landscaping, uncovered a colony of flying ants in an overgrown flower(less) bed. Is the Colony under attack by the huge might of Imperial expansionism? Deep underground rebel milit-ants plot Independence, squadrons launch against the threat to the indigenous population, outrage and numbers against the might of the shovel. Some imprisoned in hulk ships of mounds of earth, transported to far-off places, forming new colonies, growing to become a future superpower?

Lunch. Enjoying posted photos of friend's 4th July celebrations in small town America, thoughts of riding through Nebraska and Iowa. Memories of adventures in some rather unsavoury places, danger and laughter, another FWR travel tale of gun-toting gas station assistants and hillbilly bow hunters, tattoos and trouble?

Picking my daughter up from work experience, memories of shipyard apprenticeship when I was her age, pranks and accidents, mighty ships being launched and scrapped. Riding our bikes up the stairs of the local pub, stories galore waiting to resurface?

Preparing dinner, recipes for green bean and broccoli salad, chilli chicken and flourless banana pancakes, scribbled in the family cookbook, years of experiments, some failures but mostly delicious, rude not to share?

Visit from a friend, roar of Harley on the drive, chatting about travels, old adventures and future plans. Did I ever write about the time we.....?

Bed time. Mind spinning, dredging up untold tales, careering off into fantasy, returning to reality or what passes for it!

Dawn breaks (again), thoughts finally calming, I'll write a few short ones tomorrow.

The alarm goes off, it seems tomorrow is impatient for me to get cracking!

Scientists discover a human 'off switch', Independence Day for the there's a good tale.

Maybe one day?

Hopefully soon!

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