Prof Animal Chaos' Rabbit Tale

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Prof Animal Chaos' Rabbit Tale

For approximately 2 to 3 month a brown pet rabbit has been coming into my front garden and nearby neighbours, One neighbour has been round to the owner who lives in the street behind mine to complain that the rabbit is eating her flowers etc. The neighbour told me that the 'owner' didn't really want the rabbit as she has two more, and anyone who catches it can have it. Therefore, it roams free (that's cruel, I think).

But! Confusion comes into it now, as another close-by neighbour says it's from the street on the OTHER side of ours. This rabbit has also dug a burrow under the fence between myself and next door, and pops in there now and again.

Anyway, 'we' all thought that it was a male rabbit? Except as I looked out my front window on Sunday 1st July, I saw 4 little white bundles, HE was a SHE!

….and they were going in and out of the burrow. They are about 6ins in size, so not just been born, and I can't say if she gave birth to them in the burrow or elsewhere? But! She has 'led' them to my garden, lol.


I phoned the nearest R.S.P.C.A. place on Sunday afternoon and after the usual 'put on hold' I was told that I have to phone the emergency number. So! Ringing that one and the ''put on hold' syndrome appeared again.

I finally spoke to a gentleman and after 2 to 4 repeated times of explaining the situation, he said he'd pass it on – end of call.

It's now Tuesday afternoon and no one has shown up. My fear is that the little'uns will leave the garden and then perish the thought, get splattered by traffic or killed by dog/s. The mother already has a chunk of fur missing at her rear end, possibly a dog?

I've nowhere to keep them, even if I caught them.

And over the last few weeks etc, various local kids have been in the garden trying to catch the mother (before kids appeared on the scene) So now I'm hoping that local kids don't see the little one and remove the family one by one.

But! For the time being, I've now a family of 5 and I'm SHARING my salads with them.

Wabbit update: Mother and 5 white bundles taken into "custody" this morning. The mother was apprehended at a community centre at the bottom of my street yesterday and a neighbour has it and she came to "collect" the young'uns, after a chase – around my garden, that is. She is going to take them to either a vet or animal type sanctuary, but to a good home, whatever

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