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By the way, the ones in bold are some of my favorite bits.


Edited Guide Entries I've Written

Edited Guide Entries I've Written as a University Project

Edited Guide Entries that I've Contributed Bits and Pieces to

The picture for the Bog Rolls entry was inspired by the bit I contributed about cats.

Coca-Cola - a Soft Drink with Many Uses,
Cosmic Bowling,
Alternative Holidays,
Static Electric Discharges and How To Prevent Them Zapping You,
The Great Romantic Myth and the Evils of The One,
How to Measure Your Bra Size and Buy a Bra that Fits,
United States of America,
Douglas Adams,
Washington State,
Lois McMaster Bujold - Author,
Hives - the Causes, Symptoms and Treatments,
Great Board Games,
How to Survive Family Parties,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome,
Post-Traumatic Stress Related Triggers,
Bog Rolls - Over or Under?,
Celebrating Anniversaries,
Teaching a Cat to Fetch,
How to Teach Your Kids the Facts of Life,
How to Get a Good Night's Sleep,
The Perfect Picnic,
Preparing for your first day at University,
Favourite Childhood Sweets and Candy,
American Sign Language and the American Deaf Community, How to Get Rid of Stains, What is God?, Training Your Pet, Unusual Sports, Barbecue Recipes

Edited Guide Entries I've Sub-Edited

This picture was for the entry that made for my 2nd most painful sub-editing experience.  :)The Holy Rosary,
An Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility,
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE),
Conversion Disorders,
Skylarking - The XTC Album,
The Yorkshire Terrier,
The Deckchair,
A Thorn In The Flesh - The Letter Lost And Transmutated,
A Brief History of Optical Lenses,
Comunidad Valenciana - The Garden of Spain,
Finding and Eliminating Fleas on Your Cat,
Aqua Teen Hunger Force,
Richard Strauss,
Arrow's Possibility Theorem,
Starnberg, Germany,
Single Pipe Steam Heat,
Roman Catholicism,
Films Based on Books,
Ngawang Sangdrol,
The Dystopian Novel,
easyEverything, Tottenham Court Road, London, UK,
Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695),
Stellar Magnitudes,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,
The British Library,
Hypatia of Alexandria,
The Mary Celeste,
The Isle of Wight Space Programme,
Aircraft of the Isle of Wight: 1920 - 1945,
Aircraft of the Isle of Wight: 1900 - 1919,
The Oratory School, Berkshire, England, UK,
Luau Pig,
Gutting a Fish,
Jake Thackray - the Entertainer,
How To Be a Tour Guide

Edited Guide Entries I've Sub-Edited for University Projects

Seeds of the American Revolution,
The Declaration of Indpendence,
The Constitution of the United States of America,
The Journeys of the Declaration of Independence,
Benjamin Franklin

Edited Guide Entries I've Updated

Seattle WA, USA,
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA),
Fast Food,
South Africa,
Mountain Biking,
Mount Rushmore,
London Black Cabs,
Tower Bridge,
The Pyramids.

Edited Guide Entries I've Scouted

It does seem quite likely that this list is incomplete -- if you're aware of any other entries I've scouted that aren't on this list, please drop me a line and let me know!

The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM),
Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No 1,
The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook,
A Quick Guide to BDSM,
Dwarf Planets,
Hints and Tips for Survival Horror Fun,
Steak 'n Shake Restaurants
Spelthorne Young Voices,
Banjo-Kazooie - The Video Game,
The Rule of St Benedict,
The Cuban Sandwich - An Engineering Marvel,
Surviving a Modern Gym,
The Vesica Piscis - The Fish as Spiritual Symbol and Bumper Sticker,
Coeliac Disease,
The Mystery of Oak Island Canada,
Jane Austen's 'Emma',
Elaine Morgan: Housewife, Dramatist, Scientist,
Red Pandas,
The Fianna,
Wareham, Dorset, UK,
Emergency Outdoor Survival- Anything from a Plane Crash to just getting Lost,
House of Glass - Stephen Glass and The New Republic,
The Rhinoceros Party of Canada - A Brilliant Achievement in Utter Stupidity,
Staufen im Breisgau, Germany, and the Death of Faust,
Alpine, Texas,
Moshers and Moshing,
The Magic Art of Making a Skateboard Jump,
The Ephesian Matron - an opera,
How to Start and Run an Alternative Campus Newspaper,
Muaythai - Thai Boxing,
Camp Yamhill, Oregon, USA,
The Enchanted Forest, Salem, Oregon, USA,
The five pillars of Islam: Salaat - Prayer,
British Mountaineering Qualifications,
Kirkkonummi, Finland,
Millisle, County Down, N. Ireland,
Poutine, a Québecois Specialty,
The Porterhouse, Dublin, Ireland,
Tool - the Band,
Buses in Bristol, UK,
Kite Safety,
Midnight Oil - A Band With A Conscience,
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - the Video Game,
How to Care for Orchid Dendrobium aggregatum,
Hart Crane, American Poet,
Hong Kong Politics,
Conversion Disorder,
The War of the Crows,
The Justice Society of America,
Creating an Illuminated Letter,
How Guitar Pickups Work,
The Spanish Hapsburgs from Charles V,
Wollongong Science Centre, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia,
Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA,
World Lines,
Indian Dance,
London Bridge, London, UK,
IRC (Internet Relay Chat),
Gerrard Winstanley - a Very English Anarchist,
Surviving Foreign Language Oral Examinations,
The Salt Pond Golf Course, Delaware, USA,
Drum Practice Pads,
Lithops - Living Stones,
Preparing to be Inaugurated as US President,
The Christopher Marlowe Conspiracies,
Dragonball Z:- The Anime TV Hit,
Noble Gases,
How To Look At Your Watch Without Anyone Noticing,
Fun-sized Sweets and Chocolate Bars,
Statistical Thermodynamics,
Falkland Islands - South Atlantic Ocean,
Vagina Dentata,
The Nebra Sky Disc,
How to obtain a foreign fiance visa in the United States (K-1),
The History of MAD Magazine,
Halloween: Being The Adventures Of Michael Myers,
The Quasi-war Between the United States and France 1797-1800,
Baku, Azerbaijan,
Complementary Arithmetic,
Eric Bloodaxe , King of Jorvik (York) and Northumbria (947-954),
Sol-fa: the key to the riddle of staff notation,
Steel Pans - 20th century percussion,
A Brief History of Winchester,
The World's Second Largest Ball of Twine, Cawker City, Kansas,
How to Buy and Sell Used CDs and DVDs,
Tourist Sites in Lanzarote, Spain,
Wexford Wildfowl Reserve, Wexford, Ireland,
David Ingram's Improbable Walk Across 16th Century America,
Volunteering with the CSV,
Burning of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge - American Civil War,
The Wright Brothers - How They Almost Quit,
Ana Mendieta - Cuban Artist,
Revision Osmosis,
70 Wild Miles - A Charity Triathlon,
'Cheers' - The TV Series,
Jade Plants as House Plants,
Chocolate Pudding Recipe,
The Iron Creek Manitou Stone,
Fritz Muhlenweg,
Jim Tyer, Animator,
New Years Eve Celebrations in Southcentral Pennsylvania, USA,
Swamp soccer,
'Tommy Cod' Ice Fishing,
Spring Creek Golf Course, Hershey, Pennsylvania,
Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha, WI,
Day of Defeat - the Computer Game,
Door Signs - Help or Hindrance?,
Dealing with Other People's Concern Over Your Own Bereavement,
Writing a Letter to the British Government,
The Future of the People's Republic of China,
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA,
'Donnie Darko' - the film,
The Care and Breeding of Spiny-tailed Lizards,
Films in the Song 'Science Fiction Double Feature',
The Fuggerei, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany,
Bloomington, Indiana, USA,
Mother Teresa - Saint-in-Waiting,
Tom Lehrer - Satirical Singer-Songwriter,

'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'- the film,
Plate Tectonics for Beginners,
Roasted Leg of Lamb in Cinnamon and Tomato Gravy,
National Aquarium in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA,
Geek Code,
Vostok 1: The First Manned Space Flight,

Spoons - The Game,
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia,
Aqua Teen Hunger Force,
Shoeless Joe Jackson and The Chicago Black Sox Scandal,
Anachronisms and Time Travel,
The East India Company - Working To Rule,
The History of Yahoo!,
Demokratia - the Athenian Democracy,
Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles,
Learning Chess -- an allegorical tale,
A Smoker's Guide to Cooking Lamb Tajine,
Cracker Barrel,
Spitsbergen (Svalbard) Arctic Circle,
Richard Marx - Singer and Songwriter,
Ginnie Springs Wilderness Park - Florida, USA,
How to Make a Pingu from Fimo,
George Formby Senior - Entertainer,
The UK Fuel Protests of November 2000,
The Omega Workshops,
How to get a place at a UK medical school,
Speeding in Pennsylvania,
Rowing - The Sport,
Kenilworth, Warwickshire, United Kingdom,
The Book of Kells,
Orange County, California, USA,
Project Plowshare - Peaceful Nuclear Explosions,
Street Papers,
Co-operative Divorces - Getting a Divorce in the UK without Lawyers,
Kissing To A Popular Tune - Suede by Albums,
The Reverend Toplady and the Rock of Ages, Somerset, UK,
Star Trek Movies,
Aerobics Classes,
Becoming an Aerobics Instructor,
Jean Batten (Hine-O-Te-Rangi): Garbo of the Skies,
German Sausages - A Rough Guide,
University of Bristol, UK,
Nociception - Pain,
Buying beer in Australia,
The History of Wave Surfing,
Dream Cars,
The "Wizard of Oz" Canon,
So You Want to Write a Play,
Costumed Character Etiquette,
Lunch in Georgetown, Seattle,
Post Traumatic Stress Triggers,
Peter Pan and Cyberspace: concepts created by writers of fiction,
The B-Movie Genre,
Freudian Themes in Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound",
Litany Against Fear,
Proms in the Park... Last Night 2000,
The Covered Bridges of Perry County, Pennsylvania, USA,
Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK,
Were Dinosaurs Endotherms or Ectotherms?,
The Tom Swift Books,
Captain Future,
Richard III - Malignant or Maligned Monarch?,
The Kimagure Orange Road OAV anime,
Influences in the life of Salvador Dali,
Copacabana Beach,
Fourier Theory,
The Loving Bonsai,

What do Probabilities Mean?,
Early American Farm Implements Museum, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA,

Field Marshal General Erwin Rommel - the Desert Fox,
County Wexford, Ireland,
Roman Catholicism,
Hydatidiform Moles in Pregnancy,
On Being a Kibbutz Volunteer.

Other Assorted Credits

Other credits here on h2g2 of which I'm fond include:

1This was my very firstest Edited Guide entry ever.2Credits given to Gosho and Mrs Gosho3Picked up from the Flea Market

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