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Spring Creek Golf Course, Hershey, Pennsylvania

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Designed by architect Maurice McCarthy in the 1930s, the Spring Creek Golf Course was originally intended as a 'juvenile golf course' for use by the children of members of the Hershey Country Club and the caddies from the town's golf courses. Renamed the Spring Creek Golf Course, the course was opened to adults for the first time in 1969.

This early history as a juvenile golf course is still evident, however, in the length and difficulty of the course and the fact that there are no par 5 holes.

The course is located to the east of the Hershey Chocolate Factory on the south side of East Chocolate Avenue. There is ample parking on site.

Green Fees are about $13 per player and slightly more for cart rentals. But really, the course is short enough that there's no need to rent a cart - plus the walk will probably do you some good. In the evenings you can play as much as you want for one price, so quick play is rewarded and on long summer days you can get in almost a full 18 holes for the price of nine.

The Course

  • Number 1 (Par 4) - This hole is a straight shot, 440 yards from the white tees. It parallels Chocolate Avenue and traffic noise can be a distraction to some1.
  • Number 2 (Par 4) - This 330-yard hole runs parallel to Golf Lane with bunkers along the left side. The green cannot be seen from the tee as a small hill lies between tee and the flag.
  • Number 3 (Par 3) - The longest par 3 at 210 yards, this hole is another straight shot. The green is surrounded by bunkers and right behind the green is a steep slope.
  • Number 4 (Par 3) - At 120 yards, this par 3 should be easier than it plays. The green is narrow and surrounded by bunkers. The area behind the green is a steep slope into trees.
  • Number 5 (Par 4) - This 240-yard hole features an elevated tee box from which you shoot over two creeks. The first creek is hidden from view at the bottom of the hill, the second is about 85 yards from the hole.
  • Number 6 (Par 4) - Perhaps the most difficult hole on the course, this 293-yard par 4 takes a 90° turn to the left about 200 yards out from the tee. Following the fairway, this hole crosses water three times. Large trees line the left side of the fairway.
  • Number 7 (Par 3) - At 100 yards, this is the shortest hole of the course, however you are required to shoot between a cliff and the creek to reach the green which makes it rather intimidating, if not too difficult.
  • Number 8 (Par 4) - After climbing up the steep bank to the tee box, catch your breath before tackling this 287-yard par 4. You will be required to shoot over water about 75 yards from the green.
  • Number 9 (Par 4) - Another climb up a steep slope takes you to the elevated tee box overlooking an abandoned limestone quarry on this 296-yard par 4. If you clear the quarry, you've got a relatively straight shot to the green which is surrounded by bunkers.

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1Or the thought that if you hook the ball left it could crash through somebody's windscreen!

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