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US Scouting - Daisy Girl Scouts

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The Daisy Girl Scouts are the youngest members of the Girl Scouts in the USA.

Who can be a Daisy Girl Scout?

Daisy Girl Scouts are girls in the US who are aged five to six, or are in kindergarten or first grade. Girl Scouting in the US is open to all girls, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or disability.

Daisy Uniforms and Insignia

Daisy Girl Scouts aren't required to have a uniform, but they have the option of wearing a blue Daisy smock if they like. There are also coordinating shirts, shorts, and leggings. Daisies receive a gold pin in the shape of a daisy during their investiture ceremony. Over the course of the year, Daisies can also earn the 'Daisy Girl Scout Promise Center' and the 'Daisy Girl Scout Learning Petals'. These patches are earned for learning about the Girl Scout promise and law, and form a colourful flower that can be sewn on the front of the smock.

What do Daisy Girl Scouts do?

Unlike older Girl Scouts, Daisies don't earn badges or sell cookies. Instead, they spend the year learning about themselves, their world, and what it means to be a Girl Scout.

In many Daisy Girl Scout troops, the leader guides the meetings using the Daisy Girl Scout Activity Book. The book includes all sorts of activities - from arts and crafts to nature and science, from understanding yourself to understanding children around the world, from Girl Scout history to Girl Scouting in the present.

Daisy Girl Scouts can also receive patches for participating in activities about sports, reading, health, science, and smoking and drug prevention, among others.

Many Daisy troops also go on field trips, play sports and games, learn about safety, march in parades, or explore the outdoors.

Towards the end of the year, Daisy Girl Scouts participate in special activities to help them prepare to bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts.

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