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The Salt Pond Golf Course, Delaware, USA

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Please note: All prices quoted in this entry are correct as of Spring 2004.

This challenging mid-length executive golf course is located in Bethany Beach, Delaware, USA in the middle of a housing estate at the intersection of Fred Hudson and Cedar Neck roads. The course opened in 1992 and was ranked by Golf Digest magazine as one of the top 10 public courses in Delaware in 1996.

From the front tees (white) it plays as a par-54. From the middle tees (beige) it plays as a par-56. And from the back tees (black) it plays as a par-61. 14 of the 18 holes feature some type of water hazard - from marshy areas in the middle of the fairway to streams and large ponds. The fact that the course winds through a housing development with homes close to the out-of-bounds markers along some fairways makes this relatively short course a challenge for novices as well as skilled players.

During the peak summer season, a full round costs $29 plus $9 for a cart. During the spring a full round of golf costs $20 plus $9 for a cart. During the autumn and winter months, a full round of golf costs $18 plus $9 for a cart.

Carts are required before 2 pm and proper golf attire is required1. There is a snack bar which sells beer and a small golf shop on-site, but no locker facilities or showers.

Adjacent to the course is Bethany Mini Golf, which features real grass putting surfaces, sand traps and water hazards. There are two 18-hole layouts: St Andrews or Amen Corner. The contoured and undulating grass greens create a challenging mini-golf layout that is a great way to practice your putting.

The Course

This description of the holes is based upon playing from the black tees:

  • Number 1 (Par-3) - This 151-yard hole has a marshy water hazard in front of the green on the right. The hazard is thick with marsh plants and if you hit into it you're not likely to find your ball. Trust us.

  • Number 2 (Par-3) - At only 113 yards this hole is rated the easiest on the course, but don't let that fool you. This par-3 features a small green with a lot of undulations and a bunker to the left.

  • Number 3 (Par-3) - Trees and houses line the right side of this 180-yard, par-3 hole. The green is protected by a pair of sand traps. The green surface itself has several changes in level making putting a bit difficult.

  • Number 4 (Par-3) - A pond with a fountain lies directly between the tee and green. Only 104 yards away, the green slopes back toward the water so if you don't stick your first shot, you could still end up in the water.

  • Number 5 (Par-4) - At 260 yards, this is the longest hole on the course and rated as the second-most difficult. Hitting the ball straight is critical here as the fairway is rather narrow. The water near the tee box should not come into play unless something disastrous happens.

  • Number 6 (Par-3) - This 150-yard hole is a nice way to recover your confidence after the last hole. It is a straight shot to the green and should give up a fair amount of birdies.

  • Number 7 (Par-4) - Measuring 200 yards, this hole seems like it should be easier than it plays. A stream cuts across the fairway and seems to attract golf balls. The green is protected by sand on both the left and right.

  • Number 8 (Par-3) - A devilish green placement and a large sand trap make this hole rather tricky. At 184 yards, this is the longest of the par-3 holes and is ranked as the fourth-most difficult hole on the course.

  • Number 9 (Par-3) - This 125-yard hole forces you to shoot over the water hazard. The rather large green is protected by two large sand bunkers in front.

  • Number 10 (Par-3) - At 177 yards, this hole is narrow with out of bounds on both sides forcing you to hit straight. The green slopes back to front and right to left, so keeping your ball on the green is difficult when you get there.

  • Number 11 (Par-3) - This par-3 is the second-shortest hole on the course at 112 yards. It features a sharp bend to the left and a water hazard lurks along the left side of the fairway if you try to cut the angle and fall short.

  • Number 12 (Par-4) - If you hit the ball straight from the tee you'll simply love this 198-yard par-4. A narrow fairway with water to the left and houses to the right rewards a perfect tee shot, otherwise you'll be in trouble.

  • Number 13 (Par-4) - It's decision time as you tee off here. Can you carry the water halfway down this 212-yard hole or should you lay up and go for the green on your second shot? If you chose correctly, you'll have no problems with this straight par-4.

  • Number 14 (Par-4) - At 198-yards with water down the left and out of bounds down the right this is a narrow, blind shot toward the green which is surrounded by mounds and rough grass. The houses to the right are tough to miss if you have even a small slice.

  • Number 15 (Par-3) - A creek with marshy plants runs in front of the green so you won't want to come up short on this 140-yard hole.

  • Number 16 (Par-4) - This 241-yard par-4 hole is rated as the most difficult on the course. To clear the water, you'll be forced to hit over 200 yards on the fly, or you can lay up to the right landing area and have a shorter distance over the water. Play to your strengths or you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble.

  • Number 17 (Par-3) - This 177-yard par-3 is a nice break between two very difficult holes. There's nothing tricky or complicated about this one, just hit it hard and straight and you'll be putting for birdie.

  • Number 18 (Par-4) - At 252 yards this hole is the longest on the back nine and is the third-most difficult on the course. To carry the large pond in front of the tee box you'll be hitting over 200 yards on the fly. There is a narrow landing area to the left, but it is difficult to see from the tee. If you make it, the shot to the green is relatively easy. As a finishing hole, it's a real challenge!

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