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Shower Radios

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Shower radios are exactly what you would expect them to be - radios that are designed to function in the swampy environment of the shower. For somewhat obvious reasons, shower radios are battery-operated rather than using an electrical cord. The majority hang on hooks from the showerhead or towel rack, but some attach to the wall of the shower using suction cups. While radios designed for non-shower use frequently come in dark hues, shower radios are almost always white. The sound emanating from these machines is generally suprisingly good.

Why Would Anyone Want a Shower Radio?

There are many reasons to buy a shower radio, including:

  • Inspiration and accompaniment for singing in the shower

  • Entertaining or relaxing music for those long, soaking, bubble baths

  • Listening to the news, weather, or traffic report during the morning shower before leaving for work or school

  • When a shower isn't quite enough to wake you up in the morning, a blaring radio in the shower can sometimes help

Shopping and Prices

Low-end, basic shower radios can be purchased at most discount or department stores. These shower radios can generally be purchased for US$15-30. For some reason, shower radios that include digital clocks are considerably more expensive1, and often run between US$50-100 or more. However, these radios often have other extra features, such as an automatic turn-off function, a fog-free shaving mirror, or a voice messaging system2. Additionally, the more expensive shower radios frequently have clearer reception and sound. These more advanced shower radios can generally only be purchased in speciality 'gadget' shops or via online vendors.

1This is odd, because digital clocks are now more or less standard on those radios produced for non-shower use, and do not add significantly to the cost.2Apparently, this is so the user can leave a remorseful message to the poor sod who has to use the shower next, apologising for the soap rings and foot fungus.

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