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Enchanted Forest Theme Park, Salem, Oregon, USA

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The Enchanted Forest is a small, delightful theme park based on fairytales and nursery rhymes. Although designed for the young, it contains much to interest adults. If you ever visit the American north-west, be sure to make time for a visit - this place is one of a kind.

Though rather smallish and little known, this park has hours of amusement to offer for relatively low prices. A general admission is charged for entry and tickets are sold for individual rides. Quarters (a 25-cent piece) are needed for certain attractions, such as the shooting gallery and remote control boats. Tip: If your pockets are mainly inhabited by lint, there is plenty to see and do that does not require tickets. Still, be sure to have enough money for tickets if you want to experience the park's best offerings.

Condensed History

Enchanted Forest opened on 8 August, 1971 after seven long years of construction. Its founder, Roger Tofte, built or helped build most of the park himself. To support the project, he repaired watches until the park began to earn him a living - yet another example of the human race's extraordinary tenacity. The fantastic attractions and attention to fine detail make this fact all the more impressive. While some small parks are dingy, neglected tourist traps, the Tofte family has ensured that Enchanted Forest remains tidy and in good shape overall. Today, the successful park has grown with the addition of new areas and impressive rides. At the time of writing, a new indoor rollercoaster is under construction. While Roger's wife Mavis has retired from the business, three of their children have become park supervisors. They collectively dream that Enchanted Forest will continue to be '...a hidden gem that people discover as their own special place'.

Park Highlights

  • Big Timber Log Ride - The world's only flume with a dry rollercoaster segment; the splashdown at the end makes it an excellent ride on a hot afternoon.

  • Ice Mountain Bobsled Coaster - Fast, fancy and cool in both definitions of the word.

  • Comedy Theatre - Hilarious slapstick plays based quite loosely on classic fairy tales. Runs seasonally.

  • Fantasy Fountains Water Light Show - water used for entertainment; stunning in colour and beauty.

  • Storybook Lane - The first attraction opened to the public, it continues to be a treat for the eyes.

  • Tofteville Shooting Gallery - Harmless laser charges trigger funny results in a simulated panorama of life in the old American West.

  • The Haunted House - A dilapidated home filled with simulated spirits.

  • Pinocchio's Playhouse - An elaborate funhouse.

This is not an exhaustive list of the amusements on offer; one day is recommended but not absolutely necessary should you wish to see everything.

A Few More Tips

Sunscreen is not needed, for the hill whereupon the park is built is thickly forested and shady. This makes for idyllic scenery and pleasant screening from highway traffic. The disadvantage of the hill is a great deal of sloping paths, so if you happen to require a wheeled conveyance, reconsider visiting.

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