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University of Bristol, UK

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The University of Bristol is one of England's leading universities. It can be found (oddly enough) in Bristol, UK and has been there since the foundation of University College, Bristol in 1876. Since then it has absorbed the Bristol Medical School (founded in 1833) and the Merchant Venturers Technical College. It received a Royal Charter in 1909.

Bristol City

Bristol, with its population of 400,000 and blend of modern, commercial, historic and natural features, has something for everyone. For nature-loving people, it has loads of open parkland and woodland including the downs, and the Avon Gorge. It has history in the form of the various works of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the great engineer, and examples of many Georgian and Victorian buildings. It has BBC regional studios, all manner of businesses, theatres and cinemas. For students, there's a variety of nightclubs, pubs and bars. Unfortunately, for the average student, enjoying the delights of the city centre means a long uphill struggle back to bed, but it's usually worthwhile.

The University

The University of Bristol owns 400 hectares of land in the Bristol area and 370 buildings including 85 listed buildings. Within these buildings are held the departments of the six faculties that make up the university and the various supporting organisations. The university aims for a high standard of teaching and research in all areas. Undergraduates have an average A-level points score of 27.1 and Bristol is very popular, being one of only four British Universities not to enter clearing this year because all their places were full. For more information see the Official University of Bristol Website.

The Students

Bristol has over 12,000 students with a very even male/female balance and a lively population of international students (about 12%). The university provides almost 4000 residential places in nine halls of residence and various houses. The remaining students share the rented accommodation in the town centre with the students of UWE (University of the West of England) who are also based in Bristol.

The Union

The University of Bristol Student's Union (UBU) owns the largest Student's Union building the UK. The building contains the union shop, a travel shop, two theatres, the 'Epi' bar, the 'Mandela' bar, the Avon Gorge bar, the Anson room (used for gigs, concerts, and other functions), Café Zuma (including a cyber café), a launderette, a bank, music rooms, study rooms, offices, and more, not forgetting the swimming pool in the basement.

The union also has over 150 clubs and all manner of support organisations to help students with everything they might conceivably need help with.

The athletic union includes clubs for many sports from the traditional to the extreme and makes good use of the university's outdoor sports complex at Coombe Dingle and the indoor facilities at various halls and in the precinct. Intramural sports are very popular and there is something for everyone to do on the timetabled sports afternoon every Wednesday.

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