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You could have said so much more

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I think you could have mentioned some famous Alumni (though only Sue Lawley and, I think, Emily Watson spring to mind). The 'Epi' is really the 'Epicurean', which I think you should have explained. Anyone remember what the Mandela was called before it was renamed in the late 80s? Also, there are one or two famous Bristol faces. The Alumni Gazette keeps banging on about that chap on Time Team. There's also that vet thing. Less salubriously, there was a professor of history who wrote such inflammatory articles for the Sun that the Union protested. 6 (?) students were accused of assaulting him and it was only by the intervention of the then president of the Union (one Lembit Opik, now a Liberal Democrat MP) that they weren't sent down. What does the Uni specialise in?

You could have said so much more

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Ema - formerly Researcher 185964

You're quite right and I wanted to add to it but unfortunately I lost my BBC username, had to re-invent myself and no longer have any editing rights.

Bristol's most famous graduate at the moment is probably Trude Mostue (TV Vet). It has top notch teaching ratings for: vet science, education, engineering, anatomy, drama, dance, maths, politics and physics and was given a 5* for geography research.

As for the Epi, apart from the definition of 'Epicurean' painted on the wall, its proper name is rarely if ever used as none of us can be bothered with that many syllables when we want a pint.

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