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Sometimes, when I'm browsing the Edited Guide, I think to myself, This article must have had an interesting time in Peer Review: I'd like to read the Peer Review conversation, and see what was said. (This applies especially to entries on particularly controversial topics, but all sorts of things might pique my interest.)

So I try the search function to see if I can find an unedited Entry on the same topic and read its conversation list. But many times the original Entry has been deleted or is hard to find. Hence the Peer Review Archive.

Below is a table laying out the Edited1 and Unedited versions of various Guide Entries. Even if the Unedited version has been deleted, its conversation list, which will include the Peer Review conversation, is still accessible.

The list is, of course, by no means complete. I'm working on it.

Happy browsing!

Edited VersionUnedited Version
A11485055The 1932 Olympic 4 man bob champions
A5334132001: A Space Odyssey
A855209Alexander James Jude Lynn, 7th - 20th September 1998
A14116691Aliens - The Movie
A538067American Sign Language and the Deaf Community
A11102077The Anomalocaris Jigsaw
A12745785The Apple
A11873900The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
A11848430Attracting Love With Spells and Charms.
A7715577Bacon and Onion Pudding
A11814798Bedford Rugby Club
A13199736A beginner's guide to group theory
A12921860Billy Fury - Liverpool's Elvis Presley
A19441613Birdwatching in The Gambia
A12736136Books of Shadows - What Are They?
A2922130Brief History of Optical Lenses
A12939654A Brief Introduction to French Cuisine and Crêpes
A798195The British National Anthem or God Save the Queen/King
A3474010The British Robin
A7414292The Broadmoor Siren
A11133505Broadstairs Pub Crawl
A11998506Bruce Springsteen - Rock And Roll Hero - 1949-1985
A12644660Bruce Springsteen - Rock and Roll Hero, Folk singer - 1985 -
A28303959Busboys - Important Cogs in the Restaurant Wheel
A12945017The Cane Toad - Australia's Amphibian Plague
A12921581Car MOT (Ministry Of Transport) Test (UK)
A19142435Cats - The Musical
A12921662Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
A12460312Charles Sherwood Stratton (1838 -1883) - 'Tom Thumb'
A11816697Chemical Cock-Ups: Oppau, 1921.
A4185380The Chinese Animal Zodiac
A11485073The Chocolate Chip Cookie
A4596555Colchester Camping & Caravan Park, UK
A6017438The Common Lizard (UK)
A596487Confusing words between German and English
A27125840Constructions with a Ruler and a Compass
A11848476County Antrim, Northern Ireland
A1021870Create Your Own Duct Tape Bag
A5141369The Cultural Revolution
A27260525Darling Violetta - the Band
A593462Death, Suicide and Close Shaves in the Musical World
A4596735The Decipherment of Linear B
A11815175The Deltic Locomotive
A270109Depression Of A Teenage Mind : An Open Letter2
A12736785Dmitri Dmitryevich Shostakovich - Soviet composer
A933248Dollar - the Band
A11288522The Dragonfruit
A11049347The Drake Equation
A22691469Dublin's Dead Zoo - The Natural History Museum
A11103580Dunblane – The Tears of a Nation
A11284959Dyson spheres – How big are your balls?
A11484975Eggy Bread
A11998461Environmetally-Friendly Disposal of Dog Waste in the UK
A27360038Envy-Free Cake Division
A4075337Erotic Bondage, Fur and Feathers
A8465763Essex - England, UK
A6581720Essex Girl (UK)
A17524965Expatriate life in Indonesia: some guidelines
A12590345Fanny Brice - Comedienne (1891-1951)
A31549728Filing for a Patent
A29443223Five Ways to Die - The Story of 'The Ashtabula Horror'
A12460835François Rabelais
A12737748The Garden of Earthly Delights- Hieronymous Bosch
A11755235Gary Brolsma and the Numa Numa Dance
A12644048Gibran Khalil Gibran aka Kahlil Gibran
A13346886Ging Gang Goolie - a Scouting Song
A15854952Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)
A11103184Green Hell - The Nurburgring Motor Racing Circuit
A9106995Greek Temples
A9632964The Hairy Ball Theorem
A13346363'A Hard Day's Night' - the Album and Film
A40128635The Headington Shark, Oxfordshire, UK
A12460619Henderson's Relish - Made in Sheffield
A11689239The History of the Royal Navy - Part 2 (1660-1815)
A9913908The History of the Transit of Venus
A12945819The History of Virginia, USA
A12637992Hole in the Ground and Right Said Fred - the Hits of Bernard Cribbins
A4187694Horndon-On-The-Hill, Essex , UK
A12460772House of the Rising Sun
A685055How education works
A926345How To Be a Table-Dancer3
A31263590How to Fit a Replacement Tap Washer
A13346200How to lamb a sheep
A12461672How to Make a Pompom - the Crafty Kind
A19441299How to skin a cat
A3788779The humble Thimble
A5403953Hurling - Irish field sport
A12338688Installing a Vehicle Mounted Electrical Winch
A12945279The Interview Process at Boots the Chemist
A12460303Jan Ullrich - Cyclist
A13248317John Perrott - The Pope converter
A11815148Kakapo - the world's most remarkable parrots
A11817146Katherine Anne Porter
A11689167Ker-Ching! Ker-Ching! Cash register fraud
A13346750Krakatau. The devistation and re-birth
A11690804Liquid Smoke
A13345805Lochranza, Isle of Arran, Scotland
A11953406London's Notting Hill Carnival
A2082845Luxor, Egypt
A12461618M*A*S*H TV series
A11690660Mahler's symphonic premières - 1st Symphony
A11949393Mahler's symphonic premières - 2nd Symphony
A11975295Mahler's symphonic premières - 3rd Symphony
A12219725Mahler's symphonic premières - 4th Symphony
A23643209Maurice Denis: French Painter, 1870-1943
A11133370Mclaren Cars Ltd
A18740513Manchester United - The Sir Alex Era Part 1
A23582865Manchester United - The Sir Alex Era Part 2
A11690570Mendelian Inheritance and it's Complications
A12219374The Morning Glory - A Male Mishap?
A13199484Mythical Creatures
A10451468National Rail Terminals in Central London – Part 1 – North
A11682317National Railway Terminals in Central London – Part 2 - South
A6870729Nuclear Medicine Imaging
A21648783Occam's Razor
A13264292Operating a Swimming Pool
A11101906Parents evening.
A13645785The Passenger Pigeon
A10357427The Peloponnese, Greece
A9370064Pericles - Athenian Statesman and General (c. 485 - 429 BC)
A24739185Pharoah Hatshepsut
A16224518Pigeon/Human Relationships
A3795663Playing Yahtzee
A13065734'Please Please Me' - the Album
A13857122Poitín - The Small Pot.
A12939807The Pomegranate - 'Jewel of Winter'
A3383633Popular Wedding Traditions and Superstitions.
A11284193Post-post Remorse
A12460709The Potters Bar Zeppelin
A12737847Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD)
A509690Prisoner's Dilemma
A12461465The Radish
A11101654The restless dead - unearthing the real Slavic vampire
A11284850Rick Rescorla - Security Manager and Hero
A15847608The Rise and Fall of the 'King-Size' Chocolate Bar
A12644020Rooibos (Redbush) Tea
A13249578'Rubber Soul' - The Beatles Album
A11816859Rushton Triangular Lodge
A11690912The Sale of the Century
A4350971Saucy Postcards - Their Ups and Downs
A11132696Screenreaders and speech synthesisers
A11288955Sexual Ailments in Monty Python's 'Medical Love Song'
A11485451The Shortest Double Yellow Line in the UK
A3868716Snakes and Ladders – The Board Game
A14608712So You Want to Be a Nun
A8572278The Somerset Guy Fawkes Carnivals
A13199475The Spanish Civil War - Clara's Story
A13856754Spelthorne Young Voices
A11681912Spinach - The Truth
A29779113Spoof Wars:Return of the Parody
A11953280St Helena, c250-330AD
A27746869Star Constellations: Cassiopeia
A12219455Summer Advice for Domestic Pet Owners
A11504611Tarot: a brief history from Italy to England
A3477909The Tetragrammaton
A27052913They Founded America
A565788The Thwaites Conjecture
A3577647Traditional Children's Songs - UK
A19260461Travelling by Bus in London
A491744The Trumpet
A19882218Tumani Tenda, The Gambia
A6564341TV and Radio Sport's Howlers
A41427254Understanding Literary Plots
A12220084The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.
A1021645Use PHP to get a random background colour for a website
A10358903Vegetable Stew & Dumplings
A11047132The 'V' Sign
A1097237Ways of moving in caves
A11101726West Dunbartonshire
A12461546William T Stead , Journalist. 1849 - 1912
A1283186Whale Evolution
A12460637Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK
A12460934Winter Cruising in the UK
A11682443Woldingham, Surrey
A12220011The World's Oldest Light Bulb
A5140252Writing a 12-Bar Blues
A2986158The Yorkshire Terrier

I'd like to thank the crowd of people at A9741972 for their help in compiling this listing.

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1Or, in some cases, Approved.2This Entry predates Peer Review, and the forum named to here is not that of the original Entry. The material here was added to the Entry later. This all makes quite interesting reading. See the conversation forum of the Edited Entry for a couple of links to relevent places.3This Entry had an interesting time in Peer Review, and also appeared in The Post as A741647. (If you're viewing this footnote as bubble text, it won't work. You need to click on it and look at where it's actually written out at the foot of the page.)

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