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This page contains an archive for work done by Paigetheoracle which has appeared in The Post.

A misty morning in Scotland

27.05.19 Down to the Roots
27.05.19 Flotsam or Jetsam?
27.05.19 House Mouse
03.06.19 Road Kill
10.06.19 Vampires
17.06.19 Cannibal Market
24.06.19 Back Seat Driver
01.07.19 Shock
08.07.19 Almost Human (1)
15.07.19 Almost Human (2)
22.07.19 The Lamentation of Job (1)
29.07.19 The Lamentation of Job (2)
05.08.19 A Close Shave
12.08.19 Stairway to Heaven (I)
26.08.19 Stairway to Heaven (II)
26.08.19 Cave Canem
02.09.19 Stairway to Heaven (III)
09.09.19 Just Another Groundhog Day (I)
09.09.19 I Forget
16.09.19 Just Another Groundhog Day (II)
23.09.19 Here Be Masons
23.09.19 Scottish-Italian Cuisine
30.09.19 Rover in Hiding
07.10.19 Suzie Q's Heart Is Not in the Highlands
07.10.19 Finally, a Landscape
14.10.19 Factoid Fred: The Fungus Among Us
14.10.19 Ready for Halloween
21.10.19 Factoid Fred: Jock McSporran, Highland Correspondent
28.10.19 Factoid Fred Visits Beauly Priory
04.11.19 Yankee Pier
04.11.19 Splodget Dire!
04.11.19 Living in Style in Scotland: Historical Edition
11.11.19 The Flying Bookshop
18.11.19 Stumped
18.11.19 No Sneezing After 8 pm
25.11.19 Pain in the Neck (I)
25.11.19 Factoid Fred Admires Tain Church from the Outside
02.12.19 Flat for Sale
02.12.19 Pain in the Neck (II)
02.12.19 Factoid Fred and the Drovers' Monument
09.12.19 Pain in the Neck (III)
16.12.19 A Load of Old Twaddle
16.12.19 Faithful Dog
16.12.19 Factoid Fred's Fact-Free Shed
16.12.19 Roadside Inspirational
23.12.19 Ashburger's Syndrome (I)
23.12.19 Shelter
30.12.19 Ashburger's Syndrome (II)
06.01.20 Gnarled Wonder
06.01.20 Voluntary Dog
13.01.20 Noticing Nature
13.01.20 Pipe-Laying Ship
20.01.20 Factoid Fred and the Covenanters
20.01.20 Goodbye, Cruel World
20.01.20 Winter Walk
27.01.20 Life Is a Beach
27.01.20 Factoid Fred and the Dingwall Dingus
03.02.20 Local Archaeology with Factoid Fred
03.02.20 Tangled Web
03.02.20 Prof Twaddle Speaks Again
10.02.20 Factoid Fred Looks Up
10.02.20 Dear Customer
10.02.20 Technology sub specie aeternitatis
10.02.20 A Meeting of Minds
17.02.20 Factoid Fred's Shelter Poem
17.02.20 Factoid Fred's Shelter Archaeology
17.02.20 The Flying Scotsman
17.02.20 Derricks
24.02.20 Factoid Fred Meets Suzy Q
24.02.20 Obligatory Tree
24.02.20 It's a Sign: Cleanup Reveal
02.03.20 Factoid Fred Among the Vampire Deer
02.03.20 How to Point a Camera
02.03.20 What's a Pollard Cinder?
02.03.20 Pilgrimage to Julian of Norwich
02.03.20 Quarry
09.03.20 Factoid Fred Finds a Mural
09.03.20 Comedy Team
16.03.20 Obligatory Tree
16.03.20 Factoid Fred's Archaeology: The Nissen Hut
16.03.20 Factoid Fred's Inside Look: The Underpass
16.03.20 Poetry Lessen
23.03.20 It's a Sign: More Instructions
23.03.20 Addams Family Tree
30.03.20 Child of Chucky
30.03.20 Factoid Fred's Frogspawn Folly
30.03.20 All the Way Up
30.03.20 A Tree Falls, But Not in Brooklyn
30.03.20 Woodland Sculpture
30.03.20 Hexagonal Rock
06.04.20 Tree Root
06.04.20 A Sad Sight
06.04.20 Girnal
06.04.20 Natural Wood Carving
13.04.20 Face of the Times
20.04.20 Factoid Fred's Garden
20.04.20 Down by the Burn
27.04.20 It's a Sign, Unfortunately
27.04.20 Factoid Fred's Climate Blog
27.04.20 Leftovers
27.04.20 At the Existentialist Cafe, by Sarah Bakewell
04.05.20 And Now, for Something Completely Different
04.05.20 Off the Beaten Track
11.05.20 Gated Community
11.05.20 Crocodile Rocks
18.05.20 A Good Year for Gorse
18.05.20 Tree-in-Wall Illusion
25.05.20 Art Object: Snail
25.05.20 Garden with Bells On
01.06.20 Down the Rabbit Hole
08.06.20 For Jane, Wherever She May Be
08.06.20 Corkscrew Walk, Alness
08.06.20 Kildary Loch
15.06.20 Trick of the Light
22.06.20 Ye Flowers of Scotland
22.06.20 The Lesser Blue Sock Bird
22.06.20 It's a Sign: Mystery Shot
29.06.20 Pareidolia Theatre
06.07.20 Slugging It Out
13.07.20 New Growth
13.07.20 The Man Who Shouldn't Be There
13.07.20 Burning Ambition

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