Cannibal Market

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Cannibal Market

Health warning for fiction
'Roll up, roll up! Get your five a day here! Support your local butchers!'

'Yes love, what can I get you?'

'We're going on a picnic – got any pickled legs or Gurkhas?'

'No but I've got some ham burglars.'

'No thanks. How about picnic eyeballs?'

'No, I'm afraid I only have eyes for stew'

'Pity.' She paused and looked down, ready to give up.

'I could do you some Sam wedges, finger food, cheese and bunion crisps...

'How about a nice Kate and Sidney pie?'

'No thanks. Got any missionaries or knights?'

'You mean meals on wheels or canned meat? Sorry, fresh out. If it's foreign food you're after, we've got a special – buy Juan, get Wong free.'

She laughed.

'You're a bit of an entrepreneur, aren't you?'

'That's a big word, but yes, I do have a finger in every pie, so to speak.'

'I'd heard you butchered your posh friend and chopped him up for dog food.'

'Oh, you mean my pedigree chum. Rumours, just rumours.'

'Well I think I'll leave it today.'

With that she waltzed off, happy at the banter, if nothing else.
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