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Posted: 17th June 2019

June Is Bu(r)sting Out All Over

Mrs Hoggett's flowers The flowers are a feast for the eyes this time of year, especially out in the country. Mrs Hoggett sent these living bouquets along for h2g2 and the rest of Earth to enjoy. We thank her. There's a lot of nature being encountered again this week, and if you haven't recorded your outdoor adventure yet, get busy with camera, keyboard, or paintbrush. Inquiring minds want to know what you've been up to. We'll read it aloud to the chipmunks. They're underfoot these days on the Post Office side porch, and they're daft enough to enjoy anything.

Our contributors appear to have three goals in mind this week: to make you giggle, to make you gasp, and to make you think. We suspect they've accomplished all that, but you read it and see what you think.

    Mrs Hoggett's flowers
  • Everybody's looking at nature from a slightly different angle. Okay, from a totally different perspective. First, Willem shows us an ancient Arsinoitherium. Then Freewayriding delves into magpies and British folklore with an edge-of-your-seat tale. SashaQ shows us some beautiful birds from this year's viewing. And then Cactuscafe comes along with something she calls 'A Nice Scene from the Countryside'. Go figure. Tell them what you think. Tell them off, we don't care. But those bird pics are inspirational.
  • Ah, the black-and-white challenge. It goes on. This week we're emphasising textures and perspectives. We're shiny, fuzzy, stony, vertiginous, and I-can-see-my-house-from-here. Join in the discussions. It's good to make bobstafford work. He gets too comfortable with all those cats around.
  • Yes, there's cinema. Yes, there are quizzes. The quizzes ask questions you never knew were there to be asked. We're sure somebody in the group has been to Mongolia at some time or other. No? Well, maybe you know what to keep in your popora? Go learn. There's also more useless writing advice.
  • Our guest writer from the Past praises the Isle of Wight. Why not? Our caption challenge involves a cat, are you surprised? The cartoons and comics will make you laugh, laugh, laugh. Nothing new there. So it goes in a lazy summertime issue.

So read. Leave comments. Share these gems with your nearest and dearest, or your 4.2k followers on your social medium of choice. Send more Stuff that I can include in July issues, for June is already full.

Have a great week out there! Don't get sunburnt, and remember to feed the birds!

FWR knows why this photo is here, and you will, too, once you've read the Post.
PS: Our continued thanks to the organisers of the Black-and-White Photo Challenge, FWR and bobstafford, without whose extensive help I might be wasting my time eating lunch...

They'll know why this photo is here, and so will you, once you see the challenges and read the comments. Have a black-and-white photo to share? Send it to the Post!


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