It's a Sign: What's a Pollard Cinder?

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It's a Sign: What's a Pollard Cinder?

Sign painted on a brick wall

Factoid Fred's done it again: found something wonderful. This one's a painted sign.

Fred writes:

Note 'pollard cinders' . This industry has been reintroduced in recent years as wood pellets to burn in stoves, where before it was for charcoal. This place backs onto a channel that is a part of the Broads waterway. Like canals, boats would move over the area of Norfolk covered by the system and I 'think'1 rivers that connected to the Broads and maybe sea going wherries as these barges were called.

It was believed at one time that the Romans may have built them but now it is thought more likely to be more recent peat cutting and subsequent flooding of the depressions.
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