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Posted: 2nd March 2020

What We're Thinking About

Alepidea by Willem What are we thinking about right now? Willem and Tavaron are thinking about flowers. The thing is, Willem's flowers are blooming in profusion in South Africa's summer, after the rains. Tavaron's precious snowdrop is blooming in late winter, just when her part of Austria has had its first snowfall. The world is strange like that. Meanwhile, as I write this, the sun is shining and it's not snowing, for a change, so I'm happy. I've seen bunnies after dark, two nights running, and we spied the first chipmunk of the year this morning, so as the song says, 'Let the winter come and go.' We're thinking, with Julian of Norwich, that all will, indeed, be well again.

Why we're thinking of Julian is that Paigetheoracle happened to be in Norwich. I happened to desperately want him to take a picture of her church. So you get to see the photo, plus a musical video of the song. We like to share.

Paige has been doing a lot of thinking lately, and a lot of photographing on our behalf. You're going to enjoy his photos of everything from farm equipment to chainsaw sculpture to…well, just look. Also enjoy the commentary and banter that ensues.
Dianthus by Willem
Speaking of banter, please help us caption Robbie Stamp's photos. They are alcohol-related, which seems to be a theme with Robbie…not saying anything, just, er…saying…

Robbie also has a beautiful poem to share with you. Appreciate the poem, h2g2. Be nice: don't act like you do when the Post Editor writes a poem, and talk about everything you can think of besides the poem, like beaver dams and whatnot. Pretend to be grownups.

There's plenty of discussion in here of photography and photographic technique, from the usual assembly of black-and-white studies to bobstafford's experiment in ways to look at the same scene. We'd like to enlist bobstafford's help with Paigetheoracle, with whom we had a, er, discussion about pointing cameras, how to do it. You'll see. Jump in anytime, bob.

Bluebottle and others will make you laugh. Awix will inform you about cinema. Our cartoonists will make you laugh, cry, and think. Lots to look at in here.

Notice the new Create theme. What would you like to add to the world to make it better? Restrain your megalomania, here: we don't want 'if I ruled the world'. Would-be dictators are boring to anybody but themselves. Simmer down and think about the perfect crowning touch, as Freewayriding has done. He's starting us off with a very insightful (and funny) essay that includes a conversation with the Deity. (She seems nice.)

If spring isn't coming fast enough for you, have patience, and don't forget your scarf. Have a great week!

Quote of the Week: Love, like the yellow daffodil, is coming through the snow.

Sydney Carter, 'Bells of Norwich'

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Rooftops and Trees by bobstafford


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