March 2020 Create Challenge: Exterior Decorating

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March 2020 Create Challenge: Exterior Decorating

March 2020 Create Challenge

You know how it is: you look at your living room, and you're dissatisfied. The same old furniture. The same old rugs. The same old pictures on the walls. You feel unhappy about it, but you can't afford an interior decorator or a total makeover. So you do the next best thing: you add a detail. A lamp, a new picture, an accent rug. Maybe a new scarf for the old piano. You stand back and admire: perfect, you think. That really brightens things up.

This month, we'd like you to take your improvement sense into the wider world. Add a detail to make the world a better place.

What does the world need?

  • A new kind of information service?
  • A new form of free-time activity?
  • A new way to get people together – or keep them apart?
  • A new form of travel?
  • A new form of entertainment? A new art form?
  • A new way to trade or do business?

Think: you can't rearrange the world. You can't tear it down and start over. (Nobody died and left you in charge.) But you can add one thing to brighten the planet. What will it be? It's your choice. Tell us about it. Or make up a poem, song, or story. Or take photos. Or write a Guide Entry about someone who added a detail to the world, and changed things.

We need your input here.


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